7 Steps for Buying a Home in the New Year

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2018.   Glad you made it.   Here’s to another great year for you and yours.
If you have been waiting to buy or rent-to-own a home, then let’s take some steps this new year to get you into a home of your own.   This year’s housing market is looking to grow yet again though overall growth is beginning to show signs of leveling out.  2018 should be a great year to fulfill that life long goal of becoming a home-owner


New Year Resolutions for your Home

2017 is almost over and its time to make plans for the new year.   Its that time of year again to reflect on the year past and vow to do things better next year.   What resolutions do you have planned for yourself this year?   How about some resolutions for your home to tag along for the journey.  There is no better time of year to make changes than New Year holiday so here are some great resolution ideas for your home this coming year.


Renting Spikes Among the Old and Wealthy

Several housing blogs from around the country have recently released articles talking about a critical aspect of a report published by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.  The report has shown that high-income households which now live in rental properties have more than doubled since this time ten years ago.

Some industry blogs and standard news outlets are quick to explain this surge with their own set of talking points.   Often you’ll hear talk about how people are just weary of owning and believe that renting is preferable and in some cases more affordable than owning a home.   Some even claim the spike is due to the attitudes of baby boomers since the housing crash, not coincidentally, about a decade ago

Best Tech Gifts for the Home

If you are or know someone who is a tech junkie and just has to have all the latest in home technology then here are some great gift suggestions for the picky techy in your family or only for yourself.  These are some of the hottest tech items that money can buy today.   Everything here is intended to add convenience and security to your life but there are also quite a few goods strictly for entertainment purposes only

Take a look at the best tech gifts this holiday season for your home or the home of a loved one.


How the GOP Tax Plan will Affect Homeowners

The  Tax Bill recently introduced by Republicans in Washington is raising some concerns for Americans about whether or not they want to own a home.

The bill would limit the cap on deducting state and local taxes (SALT) down to $10,000 leaving many homeowners in the states with highest tax rates feeling quite wary about how much they’ll owe in taxes next year and the years to come. Many homeowners living in suburban cities pay more than $10,000 in property taxes yet have incomes around $75,000.

Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the US

Have you ever wondered which cities in the good ole USA have the friendliest folks?  Not every town is the same and not every place has the same type of people.  Some folks are a little more rough around the edges, and others are as kind as can be.   Some will hold open a door for you and others are downright inconsiderate to a point they hardly notice your presence.  While we realize there is no trophy or plaque for being voted the friendliest town in all the land there is, however, a great sense of pride in knowing that a city you live in is filled with smiling eyes and warm hearts.

Well, we did some research on this topic.  Over the past year, we’ve been surveying our readers and users to tell us the top 10 cities they believe to be the friendliest cities in the United States.  We asked questions about their experiences in cities they had visited, and we asked them to rate these cities on a range of factors about friendliness.   These items included how accessible the city was to navigate, how friendly service was in a restaurant, did anyone in the town assist with directions and many other related questions.   We did all this to bring you the ultimate top 10 list of the friendliest cities in the United States.  Check out the results.

Rent-to-Own Homes in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV is an infamous city.  The glamour and glitz of casinos lining Las Vegas Boulevard are the first things anyone thinks about when they hear “Vegas.”   And while the gambling industry is the primary driver of the Las Vegas economy, there is a whole assortment of other reasons to be in Las Vegas besides gambling.  Vegas is chock full of entertainment and adventure; from conventions, concerts, comedy shows, and magic acts; to Hoover Dam tours, Red Rock Canyon excursions, hiking along the Grand Canyon West Rim and camping on Mt. Charleston.

What to Assess When Buying a Home


No matter if you are already a homeowner or just a renter looking for some digs you can call your own, you have to be prepared for the house hunting journey.  There are a surprising number of telltale signs which can help determine if the home you buy is a sound investment.  There could be anything from a significant crack in the foundation to rotting beams in the attic due to damaged flashing.  These things and many others will end up costing the buyer, even more, money in the short term to repair or correct.  So, it is mission critical to assess a home and judge its worth with a professional.  We’ve assembled a must-check list to serve as a not only a reminder but as an essential tool to aid you, and your home inspector pick the right home at the right price.


A Look at National Job Growth

It is a well known fact that job growth and job diversity drive economic growth.  In turn the  Rent-to-Own Home market benefits.  So it’s alarming to learn that according to a new report from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) we may be looking at a slowing economy and slower job growth overall despite unemployment rates falling.  A hurricane and disaster ridden September drove employment rates down but has now recovered in October.  Since the beginning of the year the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons has fallen.  While the rates of unemployment for the adult women and whites worker groups has declined overall, other major worker groups have seen little change.  The number of long-term unemployed persons has also seen little change and accounts for roughly 25 percent of those unemployed.  Additionally, Labor participations rates have shown little movement since the start of 2017 and the employment-population ratio has very slightly increased.  Discouraged workers, those who believe there are no jobs available and are currently not seeking employment has also changed very little since last year.


Security Tips for Living in an Apartment

Living in an apartment you probably just assume burglaries are a rare occurrence, a statistical anomaly if you will.  Why would you possibly need a security system for your apartment?  Well you might be surprised to learn that living in an apartment puts you at a higher risk of robbery than living in a single family home. In fact, an 85 times higher risk to be exact, as data from the NCPC (National Crime Prevention Council) has shown.  So, if you’re living in an apartment and don’t have a security system of some sort then you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk. One of the most obvious ways to avoid this risk would simply be to buy or rent a home instead of living in an apartment, possibly even rent-to-own a home.  But there are many other steps you can take to reduce your risk.