Rent to Own Homes in Portland

Portland, OR is one of the fastest growing and most affordable places to live in the country. The picturesque beauty of the Pacific Northwest is the backdrop for this city and draws in a young and vibrant mix of like-minded professionals. The tech and green industries here are thriving and are creating a wonderful opportunity for growth for a new generation of Americans. Portland consistently ranks among the best cities in America for any number of topics, for example; Portland has been crowned with such titles as one of the friendliest cities, healthiest cities, and most livable cities.

Rent-to-Own Homes in Orlando

Every year more than 50 million people visit Orlando, FL.  Most of those visitors head to golf courses, resorts, entertainment venues, or theme parks.  However, Orlando is far more than just a pure tourist attraction, the cities wild growth and surge in population signals a healthy economy and a desirable place to call home.

Orlando is projected to become one of the hottest real estate markets in the country in 2018. An unexpected shift to say the least since the Orlando Metro area led the nation in foreclosures just three years ago. However, Analysts at Zillow are expecting a near six percent increase in prices. That rise would put Orlando a full point above the national expected average growth and mark it as the #1 city in America regarding price increases but still leaves Orlando well below its price peak from 11 years ago. (more…)

Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the US

Have you ever wondered which cities in the good ole USA have the friendliest folks?  Not every town is the same and not every place has the same type of people.  Some folks are a little more rough around the edges, and others are as kind as can be.   Some will hold open a door for you and others are downright inconsiderate to a point they hardly notice your presence.  While we realize there is no trophy or plaque for being voted the friendliest town in all the land there is, however, a great sense of pride in knowing that a city you live in is filled with smiling eyes and warm hearts.

Well, we did some research on this topic.  Over the past year, we’ve been surveying our readers and users to tell us the top 10 cities they believe to be the friendliest cities in the United States.  We asked questions about their experiences in cities they had visited, and we asked them to rate these cities on a range of factors about friendliness.   These items included how accessible the city was to navigate, how friendly service was in a restaurant, did anyone in the town assist with directions and many other related questions.   We did all this to bring you the ultimate top 10 list of the friendliest cities in the United States.  Check out the results.

Rent-to-Own Homes in Nashville, Tennessee

The country music capital of the world is home to Nashville, Tennessee. Also is known as “Music City” because music is rooted deep into the very heart and soul of Nashville. You can always find live music playing in Nashville at any one of over 150 live music venues dotted throughout town. Nashville is the home of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. Not to mention the Gaylord Opryland resort and convention center which hosts the Grand Ole Opry. And if that were not enough to sooth your ears, there’s also over 60 musical events and festivals throughout the year including the CMA Fest and the Americana Music Festival.


Rent-to-Own a Home in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the best places to live in America.  There are so many reasons to fall in love with Chicago.  It has gorgeous architecture, great weather, amazing food, sandy beaches on Lake Michigan, a storied and unsavory history, great sporting venues, and really awesome people.   Chicago really does have it all.    It has the upbeat fast paced lifestyle of New York City rolled into Midwestern charm. But of all the reasons to love Chi-town, the housing market is probably the best one. (more…)

Living in Indianapolis

Indianapolis (or as the natives call it “Indy”) is the capital city of Indiana and also the largest city in the state.  Indy is host to over 700 businesses but really thrives on tourism which has become a billion dollar industry for the city.   Of these attractions, Indianapolis is most known for playing host to the Indianapolis 500 auto race but there are many other attractions that draw people to this city.   It’s also home to the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, as well as the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. There are also many great conventions are hosted in Indy as well, perhaps most notably GenCon which is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the world.   The layout of downtown in Indy shows off the cities organizational skills, Indy is connected by walkway to the convention center, Circle Centre Mall, numerous hotels, and Lucas Oil Stadium which makes getting around the downtown area quite easy for visitors.

Indianapolis Economy:

Indianapolis is the economic heavyweight in Indiana and drives nearly 40 percent of the state’s economy.  The economy in Indy is composed primarily of retail and service industries in large part brought about when the city quadrupled tourism and doubled its hotel space in the late 80’s.  Indy is doing something right because in 2016 its’ gross product reached $135 billion which accounted for 39.9 percent of the entire state’s gross product.    2017 is expected to reach $142 billion.    In addition, both wages and employment are up in Indy with nearly 3 million new jobs and nearly a 3% rise in average income.  Clearly Indianapolis is a growing and thriving metropolis.

Indianapolis Quality of Life:

One of the great things that the people of Indy say about the town is that it’s got all the amenities of a world class city but the people are still down to earth.  It’s not uncommon to see people willing to lend a hand to those in need.   Indy is not too big and it’s also not too small, most would say it’s just the right size.   Commute times are cut to a minimum with well designed and maintained highways, plus the downtown areas’ “quad” layout and walkways makes it a breeze to get around.

Indy has one of the lowest costs of living in the country.   Do a Google search on this subject and you’ll find numerous articles citing Indy as one of the most affordable places to live.  Low taxes, low utility costs, short commuter times, low home prices, above average median incomes all make Indy an ideal place to start a career and build wealth.

On top of all of this, homeownership in Indy is not out of reach for most of its populous.  In the later decades of the 20th century housing prices were roughly 2 times the average income.  This made housing easily affordable for most people.    The median home price in Indianapolis is a low $134,000 while the median household income is $55,000.  This makes the cost of a home in Indy 2.4 times the average income.   This figure is far closer to the norm of the late 20th century than we see in many places around the country that are seeing home prices jump as high as 10 times the average income levels.    And for those that still can’t afford a home in Indy there are still options such as rent-to-own homes in Indianapolis to consider.

Seattle Rent-to-Own Homes: Living in Seattle

The Seattle metro is one of the best places in the country to live, conduct business, and visit.   This is evident by the fact that it is home to a number of globally recognized companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, Costco, Boeing, Nordstrom, Weyerhaeuser, and REI), a growing small and minority-owned businesses, highly skilled workers, cutting-edge research facilities and thriving industry clusters.   It is really no surprise Seattle was named by Kiplinger’s as one of the “10 Best Cities for the Next Decade.”   The widely diverse population of 3.8 million residents are sure to provide many cultural events, economic opportunities, and educational experiences.   With all of this Seattle is poised to continue its “Best City” reputation for the next decade (more…)

Should you Rent-to-Own in San Antonio?

Thinking of buying or renting-to-own home in San Antonio?   San Antonio is nestled deep in the heart of Texas and is one of the state’s most visited cities because of its warm weather and urban beauty.  Most people know of San Antonio because of the famous Alamo and the 13 day siege by Mexican troops on the mission which still exists in Downtown.  More recently, San Antonio is known for the river walk offering gondola style transportation which winds through the downtown area with access to bars, clubs, shopping, and restaurants.  Speaking of restaurants, San Antonio lays claim to some of the best Tex-Mex food offered anywhere.  (more…)

Buying a Home in Jackson, MS

Built high above an extinct volcano, the city of Jackson MS has stayed hot, with its mix of musical history and authentic Southern living, all in a modern urban environment. Mississippi calls itself the Birthplace of America’s Music, and Jackson has been a significant source of blues and gospel music due to the legendary Malaco Records, home to such artists as Bobby “Blue”Bland, Z.Z. Hill and Dorothy Moore.

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and was a significant city in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. So much so that that the Civil Rights Movement Museum is being built in the city, and will be open to the public in 2017. That will join other significant cultural institutions such as the Mississippi Museum of Art, which tells the story of Mississippi through its art and artists and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the largest museum in Mississippi, which focuses on the biological diversity within the state.

There’s always something to do in Jackson, whether it’s taking in a Mississippi Braves baseball game out in Pearl, eating at a cool new restaurant in the well-preserved neighborhood of Fondren, or taking in a band at a downtown bar, you’ll never be bored. Every October, the Mississippi State Fair comes to town, bringing with it big musical acts from around the world to the famous Mississippi Coliseum, where you’ll also find the Dixie National Rodeo every February, the largest rodeo event East of the Mississippi River.

When you live in Jackson, MS, you’re living among some of the most significant architecture in the entire South of the United States. The Lamar Life building dates back to 1924 and is an important example of Gothic skyscrapers. The Standard Life building is a rarity, as it’s an art deco skyscraper that’s been converted into apartments. Jackson even has a middle school, the Bailey APAC Middle School, that is a perfectly preserved art deco school.

Speaking of schools, no matter what neighborhood you find yourself living in, you’ll find excellent public schools, with several schools rated a perfect 10 by When it comes time to find a job, the fact that Jackson is the state capital will help you out, as the State of Mississippi is by far the largest employer in the area, with the federal government not too far behind. Besides government work, the area hospitals are the largest source of employment.

Jackson saw a lot of movement into the suburbs such as Pearl, Clinton, Brandon and Madison over the past 20 years, but now some movement back to the city has begun, and housing prices are expected to rise in the future, so now is great time to buy or rent-to-own a home in Jackson, MS.

Buying a Home in Myrtle Beach, SC

Buying a Home in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a coastal, tourism-focused city located in the Northeast corner of South Carolina.   While this spot isn’t a top destination for tourists, there’s always something to do or something to see in this city.  We like to think of it as the best-kept secret on the east coast.    It’s a beautiful place with amazing weather and amazing people.   But it’s not just the weather and the people that make Myrtle Beach a wonderful place to live.

The cost of living in Myrtle Beach is about 7 percent lower than the national average and the real estate market is truly prime.   Housing prices are still relatively low and its residents receive an 88% property tax credit.   Additionally, the state of South Carolina doesn’t tax social security benefits and offers a retirement income tax deduction.  Myrtle Beach really is one of the most affordable cities in the country when you consider daily living expenses, taxes, housing, and utilities.

Myrtle Beach is an affordable place to live but it’s also a hotspot of entertainment and attractions.  There’s so much to do in Myrtle Beach you cannot possibly tackle it all.  There are over 100 golf courses in the metro area, over 300 outlet stores, roughly 1,800 restaurants, and 8 theaters.   If that’s not enough then there are always the festivals.  You’ll find the Mayfest on Main festival, Little River Shrimp and Jazz Festival, Blue Crab Festival, the Loris Bog-Off, and the Beach, Boogie and BBQ Festival.

In addition, you have the beauty of the city itself. Myrtle Beach has some of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in the entire country.   It’s not just Myrtle Beach there’s also Huntington Beach, Garden City Beach, Surfside Beach, Cherry Grove Beach, South Myrtle Beach, and Sunset Beach.  It’s a surfers paradise with the huge waves and warm water.  Overall, there are 60 miles of beaches on the Grand Strand.

Lastly, the weather in Myrtle Beach is amazing.  It’s characterized as a humid, subtropical climate with an average of 218 days of sunshine per year with over 60% of the summer days having sunshine.   The average temperature in July is just 81 degrees.   Thanks to the cool ocean breezes that blow in the temperatures are actually about 5 degrees lower than some of the other inland cities like Columbia or Florence.  And though there is a lot of sunshine it does rain and very rarely snows as well.