Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

Winter is over and spring has officially moved in. While you may be sitting on your patio sipping iced tea and eating cookies there is a big, looming task lurking in the back of your mind. Spring cleaning rears its ugly head once again and beckons you to clean up all those messes that inevitably occur during the cold winter months. Spring cleaning is a truly satisfying rite we humans have been performing on our dwellings for a long time and has a storied history that crosses many ancient cultures.
Luckily for you we’ve got some great tips to make your spring cleaning task a cinch. (more…)

Rent to Own Homes: Good Idea or Bad?

It’s a seller’s market all across the country and as a result home prices are rising, and competition is increasing.  This makes it more difficult to buy a home, especially in areas where prices are already overly-inflated.  The combination of needing to have a large down payment and a great credit score in order to compete for a home is locking out many would-be homeowners from the real estate market.

Many individuals learn about the rent-to-own home market after discovering the purchase of real estate is beyond their current means.  Rent-to-own homes allow would-be buyers to get a home without the heavy competition, large initial investment, or perfect credit that many need.  However, it can be true that many rent-to-own opportunities work in the seller’s favor.  This happens when renters are unprepared, or uneducated about the process of leasing to own a property, and unfortunately, get taken advantage of.  If you are ready to learn about the rent-to-own real estate process, and do your due diligence when searching for homes and reviewing contracts, rent-to-own homes can work in your favor and be an incredibly smart decision.  The key difference between a rent-to-own home being a good idea or a bad idea comes down to educating yourself, which is a fact of life for all financial dealings whether buying or renting. (more…)

How to Save Money by Saving Energy

How to Save Money By Saving Energy in Your Home

Everyone likes saving money.  There are a great many ways to go about saving your money for a rainy day, but did you know that you can save up to $500 a year by just reducing the amount of energy you use by about 25 percent?  It’s true, the average American household spends about $2,200 a year on utilities and by reducing your energy usage by 25% you could potentially save up to $500 a year.  Roughly 40 percent of your total energy usage goes into heating and cooling so this is going to be the primary focus of your efforts to reduce your energy usage, but it doesn’t just stop there.  There are many simple and effective ways to save energy.

Let’s look at some of the best ways you can save money and reduce your energy usage. (more…)

How to Conserve Water This Summer

Five Easy Ways to Conserve Water This Summer

Even if you’re not living in one of the many drought-stricken areas of the country, saving water is a smart and responsible thing to do.  Not only will it save you and your family some extra cash to enjoy this summer but it’s never a bad thing to try to conserve a natural resource.    Water usage in the summer months spikes for various reasons and typically rainfall is considerably lower.   These two things combined mean that your conservation efforts are helping to keep everyone’s costs down by keeping the supply higher.  So here are some great tips to show you how you can reduce your water usage this summer. (more…)

The best low maintenance indoor plants

Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

There are many reasons to have plants inside your home.  Some studies have suggested that plants can increase the air quality in your home, help fight off colds, make you happier, and even increase cognitive functions.   However, some plants thrive better indoors than others,  often where there is little sunlight.  Knowing which of these plants to choose and how to care for them can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the benefits of enjoying a little greenery in your living room. (more…)

The Benefits of Homeownership

Home ownership is something that many individuals strive for.  The feeling of owning something that provides both financial and emotional security to you and your family is something that speaks to us all.   Owning a home is not always an easy task, however, and many are faced with roadblocks along the way. (more…)