Tips for Improving your Apartment Patio Space

Most apartment dwellers know that space is important. For some, the management and organization of small spaces is an art form executed with style and grace. While for others, it’s a chaotic mess. When it comes to patios for apartments managing small spaces can be challenging for anyone. Hopefully with just a little bit of help from us you can tackle that apartment patio and make it your very own little slice of outdoor heaven.


Finding pet-friendly rentals

Not only is moving a stressful situation, owning pets only serves to compound the hassle.  Pet friendly rentals are increasingly harder to come by for pet owners.  To make matters worse most places that do accept pets place breed restrictions on dogs and only allow certain domestic pets such as dogs, cats, and fish.

This proves problematic for renters, 72% of whom own a pet of some sort. On the other end of the equation, only 36% of rentals allow pets at all.   Of those rentals that do allow pets, landlords tend to charge additional deposits that can sometimes be as high as $300 per pet which puts a strain on already tight funds. In addition to deposits, many landlords also charge a monthly rent for each pet which we’ve seen to be as high as $50, per pet, a month.  (more…)

Should You Have Renter's Insurance?

Should you have renter’s insurance?

As a renter there are considerable benefits to obtaining a renters insurance policy.   Most insurances companies will provide this coverage at very reasonable cost to you.  This is especially true if you bundle it with other insurance coverage, such as your car insurance.   Let’s take a look at renter’s insurance and the many ways it can benefit you. (more…)