Studio Apartment Design Tips

Need some tips on designing your studio space? Well, you have come to the right place. We understand designing the layout of a studio style apartment presents a very specific set of challenges. It can be hard figuring out how to separate the space available into a workable blend of function and aesthetics. Follow these tips and you will not have to sacrifice eye appeal for necessity.


How a Cosigner’s Credit Score can Affect your Home Loan

When buying a home with a co-borrower, it is essential to know how both of your credit scores can affect your loan. We are going to address issues such as how much the credit score of each borrower affects the loan? Does having a cosigner change how much we can borrow? What about the interest rate? There are numerous areas of confusion around these topics and many others on the subject of home loans with more than one borrower.

A Few Reasons You Should Consider Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is a type of insurance that covers personal property. This type of insurance protects from loss due to fire, vandalism, and other disasters for those who are not yet homeowners.

Renter’s insurance can cover a variety of personal property and valuables in many different situations and circumstances.  If anything were to happen to a policyholders property while traveling on vacation or when leaving valuables in a car, then the policy protects against that loss.  Not only does a renter’s insurance policy cover a portion of the expenses to replace property stolen from a vehicle it also covers the  property even if it was stolen somewhere away from the renter’s dwelling, such as a bicycle stolen from a bicycle rack at a school.


Identifying Rental Scams

Unfortunately, there are people out there trying to run real estate scams on the unwary and ill-prepared.  As the real estate market continues to rise we are sad to say this trend of scammers will only continue.

Since rent-to-own homes are an exception and not the rule in the real estate world, it is important not to get bamboozled by a lowly scammer looking to make a quick buck.  The good news is there are far fewer scams surrounding the rent-to-own home market than the rental market.

Renting Spikes Among the Old and Wealthy

Several housing blogs from around the country have recently released articles talking about a critical aspect of a report published by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.  The report has shown that high-income households which now live in rental properties have more than doubled since this time ten years ago.

Some industry blogs and standard news outlets are quick to explain this surge with their own set of talking points.   Often you’ll hear talk about how people are just weary of owning and believe that renting is preferable and in some cases more affordable than owning a home.   Some even claim the spike is due to the attitudes of baby boomers since the housing crash, not coincidentally, about a decade ago

How the GOP Tax Plan will Affect Homeowners

The  Tax Bill recently introduced by Republicans in Washington is raising some concerns for Americans about whether or not they want to own a home.

The bill would limit the cap on deducting state and local taxes (SALT) down to $10,000 leaving many homeowners in the states with highest tax rates feeling quite wary about how much they’ll owe in taxes next year and the years to come. Many homeowners living in suburban cities pay more than $10,000 in property taxes yet have incomes around $75,000.

Tips for Improving your Apartment Patio Space

Most apartment dwellers know that space is important. For some, the management and organization of small spaces is an art form executed with style and grace. While for others, it’s a chaotic mess. When it comes to patios for apartments managing small spaces can be challenging for anyone. Hopefully with just a little bit of help from us you can tackle that apartment patio and make it your very own little slice of outdoor heaven.


Finding pet-friendly rentals

Not only is moving a stressful situation, owning pets only serves to compound the hassle.  Pet friendly rentals are increasingly harder to come by for pet owners.  To make matters worse most places that do accept pets place breed restrictions on dogs and only allow certain domestic pets such as dogs, cats, and fish.

This proves problematic for renters, 72% of whom own a pet of some sort. On the other end of the equation, only 36% of rentals allow pets at all.   Of those rentals that do allow pets, landlords tend to charge additional deposits that can sometimes be as high as $300 per pet which puts a strain on already tight funds. In addition to deposits, many landlords also charge a monthly rent for each pet which we’ve seen to be as high as $50, per pet, a month.  (more…)

Should You Have Renter's Insurance?

Should you have renter’s insurance?

As a renter there are considerable benefits to obtaining a renters insurance policy.   Most insurances companies will provide this coverage at very reasonable cost to you.  This is especially true if you bundle it with other insurance coverage, such as your car insurance.   Let’s take a look at renter’s insurance and the many ways it can benefit you. (more…)