Great Decorating Ideas Under $500

There is no time like the present to add some style to a bare wall. Today we are examining a few great design ideas for adding some fantastic and beautiful decor to any area of the home that needs a little warmth and color during these grey, cold winter months. Not only are these ideas stylish and comforting but they are also affordable.


Rent to Own Homes in Bakersfield, CA

Californians know that Bakersfield is the best place to stop on a road trip between Sacramento and Los Angeles.  But Bakersfield’s location has given the city a thriving job market and a healthy economy through the agriculture and oil industries.  Bakersfield is one of the most affordable places to buy a home in California, and it has a strong sense of community that makes it a great place to raise a family and settle down.

The entire San Joaquin Valley in the heart of California is a bit like Texas.   Oil fields, crops and livestock litter the entire valley along with Bars and boot-scootin’ honky-tonks.  But true to California, the locals here have embraced the idea of locally sourced fresh food and vegetables.


Single Parents Can Afford a New Home

Being a single parent is a tough job.   Trying to take care of the whole family with only one income can be taxing on both the pocketbook and the mind.  For most single parents there is a very real struggle to stay focused on paying the bills every month and often they are so focused on that goal they forget to set bigger goals, to aim higher.  Well, those higher goals can actually include homeownership.

For single parents who are hard at work focused on getting monthly bills paid then the idea of owning a home is probably something far ahead in the distance.  But hold on, there are ways to bring that dream into focus faster.


A Few Reasons You Should Consider Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is a type of insurance that covers personal property. This type of insurance protects from loss due to fire, vandalism, and other disasters for those who are not yet homeowners.

Renter’s insurance can cover a variety of personal property and valuables in many different situations and circumstances.  If anything were to happen to a policyholders property while traveling on vacation or when leaving valuables in a car, then the policy protects against that loss.  Not only does a renter’s insurance policy cover a portion of the expenses to replace property stolen from a vehicle it also covers the  property even if it was stolen somewhere away from the renter’s dwelling, such as a bicycle stolen from a bicycle rack at a school.


Rent to Own Homes in Portland

Portland, OR is one of the fastest growing and most affordable places to live in the country. The picturesque beauty of the Pacific Northwest is the backdrop for this city and draws in a young and vibrant mix of like-minded professionals. The tech and green industries here are thriving and are creating a wonderful opportunity for growth for a new generation of Americans. Portland consistently ranks among the best cities in America for any number of topics, for example; Portland has been crowned with such titles as one of the friendliest cities, healthiest cities, and most livable cities.

Identifying Rental Scams

Unfortunately, there are people out there trying to run real estate scams on the unwary and ill-prepared.  As the real estate market continues to rise we are sad to say this trend of scammers will only continue.

Since rent-to-own homes are an exception and not the rule in the real estate world, it is important not to get bamboozled by a lowly scammer looking to make a quick buck.  The good news is there are far fewer scams surrounding the rent-to-own home market than the rental market.

Rent-to-Own Homes in Orlando

Every year more than 50 million people visit Orlando, FL.  Most of those visitors head to golf courses, resorts, entertainment venues, or theme parks.  However, Orlando is far more than just a pure tourist attraction, the cities wild growth and surge in population signals a healthy economy and a desirable place to call home.

Orlando is projected to become one of the hottest real estate markets in the country in 2018. An unexpected shift to say the least since the Orlando Metro area led the nation in foreclosures just three years ago. However, Analysts at Zillow are expecting a near six percent increase in prices. That rise would put Orlando a full point above the national expected average growth and mark it as the #1 city in America regarding price increases but still leaves Orlando well below its price peak from 11 years ago. (more…)

7 Steps for Buying a Home in the New Year

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2018.   Glad you made it.   Here’s to another great year for you and yours.
If you have been waiting to buy or rent-to-own a home, then let’s take some steps this new year to get you into a home of your own.   This year’s housing market is looking to grow yet again though overall growth is beginning to show signs of leveling out.  2018 should be a great year to fulfill that life long goal of becoming a home-owner


New Year Resolutions for your Home

2017 is almost over and its time to make plans for the new year.   Its that time of year again to reflect on the year past and vow to do things better next year.   What resolutions do you have planned for yourself this year?   How about some resolutions for your home to tag along for the journey.  There is no better time of year to make changes than New Year holiday so here are some great resolution ideas for your home this coming year.


Renting Spikes Among the Old and Wealthy

Several housing blogs from around the country have recently released articles talking about a critical aspect of a report published by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.  The report has shown that high-income households which now live in rental properties have more than doubled since this time ten years ago.

Some industry blogs and standard news outlets are quick to explain this surge with their own set of talking points.   Often you’ll hear talk about how people are just weary of owning and believe that renting is preferable and in some cases more affordable than owning a home.   Some even claim the spike is due to the attitudes of baby boomers since the housing crash, not coincidentally, about a decade ago