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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Natchitoches, LA

  • With a name that might make any competent tongue stumble, Natchitoches (locally pronounced Nak-a-dish) blends the best of old world, European style with modern, community feel. With a population of just over 18,000 residents, Natchitoches has quaint, small-town charm that blends in well with its location along the stunning Cane River. Weather-wise, Natchitoches gets hot and humid much like the rest of Louisiana, but its mild winters more than make up for the summer temperatures.

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  • Walk through history! Cane River Creole National Historical Park calls Natchitoches home, and it's no wonder, given the city's history. Not only does the city have a Landmark Historic District, but it's also mere miles away from some of Louisiana's most breathtaking plantations. Just down the highway to Natchez and Derry lie five plantations: Oaklawn Plantation, Cherokee Plantation, Yucca Plantation, Oakland Plantation, and Magnolia Plantation. Spend an afternoon discovering the area's past and enjoying the beautiful historical architecture that makes this region so unique.
  • Prices! Renters rejoice, because rental properties in Natchitoches cost about 20 percent less than other major Louisiana cities. Rent to own homes make the city even more desirable, and provide a responsible option for young homeowners looking to settle in the area. Look for properties near Sibley Lake or the Northwestern Hill Golf Course.
  • Alligators galore! When visitors enter the Natchitoches Alligator Park they get quite an eyeful. The park combines education and entertainment by leading visitors through various areas. From the protected walkways to Alligator Island, visitors will see and experience alligators like never before. If you prefer to eat alligator, head over to the Merci Beaucoup restaurant instead.
  • Community holiday entertainment! Running from mid-November to early January every year, the city's Festival of Lights takes place on the Cane River. Residents can watch decorated boats parade through the water and partake in activities and holiday shopping in Natchitoches' Landmark Historic District.
  • Rising home prices! Since 2009, the average price for homes sold in Natchitoches has risen nearly 100,000 dollars! With such a strong market, now is a great time to invest in a house and watch its value continue to rise. Look for homes near the Natchitoches Regional Airport and Chaplin Lake.
  • It's classic! The city recently celebrated its 300th anniversary. It may be Louisiana's oldest town, but it has lots to offer residents of all kinds. Before buying a house, experience the town's history by staying at the Church Street Inn or Ducournau Townhouse.