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Top Five Reasons to Live In Las Vegas, New Mexico

  • The name Las Vegas is often associated with the glamorous gambling capital in Nevada; not many people know of the hidden gem called Las Vegas in New Mexico. However, Las Vegas, NM is not only older, but it was also much more popular than its counterpart in Nevada until the 1900s. An important stop in the Santa Fe Trail of the 19th century, Las Vegas today proudly displays over 900 grand structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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  • See your dollar travel far! One of the best advantages of living in Las Vegas, NM is the low cost of living. Housing, in particular, is noticeably cheaper here. Invest in a rent to own home in Las Vegas and observe how much more affordable it is compared to neighboring towns. Other daily needs are also inexpensive here; the Tri-County farmers' market at the Plaza Park and local farms like The Ranch offer fresh and wholesome produce at easy rates.
  • Pause at the historical treasures! History is alive in Las Vegas, and it's revered. It's hard to take a walk anywhere in this town without seeing at least one of its hundreds of historical architectural treasures. The Plaza Hotel, near the Plaza Park, which marks the place where Las Vegas was founded, is one of the most popular historic landmarks and is still a good place to stay in. There are several other attractions, like the Railroad District, Carnegie Park and Lincoln Park.
  • Travel through breathtaking outdoors! With the Great Plains and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains as its neighbors, Las Vegas has plenty to offer to people who love the outdoors. Once you settle into your rental home in the neighborhood of Las Vegas, all you have to do is plan your time and route to explore the vast outdoors, one direction at a time. Places like the Las Vegas Wildlife Refuge and the Montezuma Hot Springs are amazing to visit.
  • Live amid historical landmarks! According to the city data website, the mean price of housing units in 2011 was $101,850 and the median rent in 2012 was $553. Historically divided into the old town and the new town, Las Vegas displays different styles of architecture in each of its quarters. No matter where you find your property, you can be sure you'll have a landmark nearby that's probably over a hundred years old. Many of these landmarks come with a charming history, like the Carnegie Library or the 1st National Bank Building.
  • Terrific Mexican food! Breakfast on burritos at Charlie's Spic and Span Bakery and eat a sumptuous lunch at Original Johnny's Kitchen. For a date with history, visit the Landmark grill at Plaza Hotel, and then end the day with a heartwarming pizza at JC's New York Pizza.