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Mar 20, 2023 Geoffrey Hineman
A rent-to-own home in Maine is an affordable, alternative path to purchasing a home.
Mar 17, 2023 Geoffrey Hineman
Credit & Finances
Rebuilding your credit score is a process that involves patience, knowledge, and planning. The good Read More >
Mar 03, 2023 Geoffrey Hineman
HUD Homes
There are several HUD home incentive programs, payment assistance, financing options, and local prog Read More >
Feb 22, 2023 Geoffrey Hineman
Credit & Finances
Let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a home with bad credit.
Feb 13, 2023 Geoffrey Hineman
Here are a few things you need to know about rent-to-own homes.
Feb 01, 2023 Geoffrey Hineman
In this post, we’ll look at how >rent-to-own homes work and if they’re a more affordable path to hom Read More >
Jan 26, 2023 Geoffrey Hineman
Credit & Finances
Bankruptcy is a process many people find intimidating or difficult to understand. This post will cov Read More >
Nov 08, 2022 Geoffrey Hineman
Rental Tips
As long as you know the dos and don'ts and communicate clearly with your landlord, you can have a lo Read More >