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Feb 21, 2022 HL Staff
Mortgage Basics
Mortgage loans are not as scary as they seem! Learn more about the mortgage loan application process Read More >
Jan 09, 2022 HL Staff
Buying A Home
When the housing market is less volatile, seasonality affects both inventory and housing prices. Eve Read More >
Dec 09, 2021 HL Staff
Homeowner Tips
Weatherizing your home is an integral part of preventative maintenance. By weatherizing your home, y Read More >
Oct 26, 2021 HL Staff
First Time Home Buyers
Closing costs must be paid at the closing of a purchase of a home, and many first-time homebuyers ar Read More >
Sep 14, 2021 HL Staff
HUD Homes
What is a HUD home? According to HUD.gov, a HUD home is defined as a 1-to-4 unit residential propert Read More >
Aug 24, 2021 HL Staff
With Rent-to-Own homes coming back into the spotlight amidst a competitive and tumultuous real estat Read More >
Aug 18, 2021 HL Staff
HUD Homes
Buying a HUD home may not currently be on your list of options, but it's certainly worth learning ab Read More >
Aug 05, 2021 HL Staff
Buying A Home
One of the best parts of moving into your new home? Making it yours! Whether you greet the prospect Read More >
Jul 23, 2021 HL Staff
Buying A Foreclosure
Buying a foreclosed home is now becoming more of a financially viable option for many people looking Read More >
Jul 13, 2021 HL Staff
Credit & Finances
If you're looking at buying a home, you've probably heard the phrase credit score come up over and o Read More >
Jul 07, 2021 HL Staff
First Time Home Buyers
Help for first-time homebuyers is all around you, as long as you know where to look. There are many Read More >