Renting vs Buying: 5 Things to Consider Before You Decide

The discussion around whether or not it is better to rent a home or buy a home is one that is brought up frequently.  The argument stays heated as markets fluctuate and answers may differ. The most critical factor in past discussions has always been highly dependant on one fact:  Is your potential mortgage payment less than your rent payment? But determining which is the right path is more than just determining which may be the cheaper option.

When deciding whether to rent or buy a home, consider the following before making a decision:


Why Rent to Own Homes are a Good Investment

Why Rent to Own Homes are a Great Investment for both Landlord and Renter

With a good win-win rent-to-own contract, a lease-to-own home can be a great investment strategy for both the homeowner and the renter.   However, like any contract, you should carefully read through the details to make sure the contract doesn’t disproportionately favor one side over the other.

Why a rent-to-own home is a great investment for renters who would like to become homeowners  


Investing in Rural vs City Homes

The decision to invest in a home is a big one.  To top it off, many home buyers are faced with the difficult decision of where to buy a home.  Do you want to live in the city, closer to entertainment and employment options, or do you want a more rural home in the quiet countryside where you can get more space?  In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of each decision.


When Renting-to-Own Makes Sense

If you’ve heard of rent-to-own and it’s benefits, you may wonder when, and if, this type of homeownership is suitable for you.  If you’re considering a rent-to-own home, but wondering if a traditional mortgage or less-trendy (but secure) lease-to-own agreement suits you best, read on for our advice on the matter. (more…)

Tips to Get a Home With Bad Credit

If you’ve begun the process of buying a home, you may have quickly discovered just how important your credit rating is to securing the home of your dreams. Unfortunately, millions of people are denied loans every day due to past mistakes that still negatively impact their credit. The unfair cycle of needing credit to have “good credit, but not being able to obtain credit due to a lack of existing credit, is a vicious cycle that traps many people.