HUD Homes vs Foreclosures

Casual real estate observers often conflate foreclosures and HUD-listed properties. Foreclosures are properties that banks outright own, either through foreclosing on a property owner or purchased by the lender. These properties are listed on the market for sale by the lender, often through an auction process but not always. The two categories of homes for sale share little in common other than the fact that the regulating authority, aka the government, is in charge of some aspects of the sale of these properties.


Affordable High End Apartments

15 Cities for Affordable High-End Apartments

Everywhere you look these days you see apartment complexes popping up. It does not matter if you are in a poor neighborhood or a high-end neighborhood, multi-family rental buildings seem to be the choice for investors these days. Most of these complexes come with all the bells and whistles to attract tenants from all walks of life and all age groups, you will see them equipped with amenities such as fitness centers, yoga rooms, free breakfast, theaters, multiple pools, indoor basketball courts, VR golfing rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and the list goes on and on.  These places all look too expensive to afford but when you consider having access to these increasingly extravagant amenities these places seem like a great deal.


Affordable New York Neighborhood

5 Affordable New York Neighborhoods

New Yorker’s may not agree on much of anything but almost all can agree on one thing, finding a rental property in an affordable New York neighborhood with a great commute time is like finding a unicorn. Rent for a single bedroom in New York City with a decent commute time burns away roughly $3,000 every month. Any apartment for rent in a practical neighborhood in New York will be difficult to afford, but there are some overlooked neighborhoods turning up with great deals. These neighborhoods are close to a unicorn, as anyone will find.


Credit Card Fraud

Dealing with Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is becoming a more and more frequent crime across the US with billions of dollars stolen from consumers each year due to this raging epidemic. Credit card fraud is the result of an unauthorized credit purchase using a stolen credit account. The problem of credit card theft and the resulting fraudulent purchases has become such a frequent occurrence that 1 in 5 people have fallen victim to the crime.  Most people do not know what to do if they become a victim of the crime and do not know how to deal with credit card fraud. So what do you do when you have been a victim of credit card fraud?


Prepare Mortgage

Mortgage Preparation

To buy any home, you will need a mortgage. Mortgage preparation is a vital step in the process of becoming a homeowner. Whether you take on a traditional mortgage or you buy a house through a less traditional method such as a rent-to-own or a foreclosure, you will need to know how to prepare yourself for everything that comes along with being a homeowner. Resolve yourself to this preparation, and you will be well our your way to owning a new home.  Here are a few ways to prepare you to take on a mortgage.


Top Cities

Top US Cities to Live and Work

If you have ever wanted to know which cities in the United States were the at the top of the short list for being the absolute best places to live and work, then we have your answer right here.   We looked at 125 of the largest and most populated cities in the United States and used some science and math to figure out which ten cities ranked the best places in America to put down some roots.


Off Campus Housing

Dorm to Off-Campus Moving

There are many differences between the comfort of a simple dorm room space and an off-campus rental unit. The most obvious difference is responsibility. Moving to off-campus housing requires a great deal more responsibility in dealing with the month to month tasks of paying bills, cleaning the bathroom, mowing the yard (if you have one), and many others day to day tasks. With that added responsibility, however, comes independence and freedom, no more visiting hour rules and you can play music all night long if you want.


How Much Rent

How Much Rent Can You Afford?

When you find an apartment you love, you must make sure it is something you can afford.  There is no worse feeling than looking for an apartment, finding an amazing place and then realizing you cannot afford it.

So before you even begin your search make sure you get your finances in order and make a budget so that you know exactly what you can afford before you sign on that dotted line.


Buying a House as a Gig Worker

Buying a home as a contract or freelance gig worker can be challenging.  There are more and more people these days who rely on freelance work combined with part-time jobs to make ends meet.   These types of incomes are not something that most lenders have historically had to consider when it comes to giving people large sums of money to buy a home.

Look for Rental

What to Look for in a Rental Listing

It does not matter where you live whether it be in suburban areas, a city or small town;  nor does it matter if you are looking to live in a single-family house, townhome, condo, or an apartment there is always a commitment of time searching online or driving around finding the right place to call home. How do you know what to look for in a rental listing?