Credit Card Fraud

Dealing with Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is becoming a more and more frequent crime across the US with billions of dollars stolen from consumers each year due to this raging epidemic. Credit card fraud is the result of an unauthorized credit purchase using a stolen credit account. The problem of credit card theft and the resulting fraudulent purchases has become such a frequent occurrence that 1 in 5 people have fallen victim to the crime.  Most people do not know what to do if they become a victim of the crime and do not know how to deal with credit card fraud. So what do you do when you have been a victim of credit card fraud?


Improving your Credit Score

Repairing and improving your credit score is one of the smartest things you can do, but it’s not easy, and it takes time.   If you are going about it the right way you can fix a credit score in about six months, there is no quick fix for having bad credit.  After all, it took you years to create the credit problems you have so you cannot expect to correct it quickly.  If you want to learn how to repair your credit the right way, then check out these tips we’ve provided for improving your credit score.


How a Cosigner’s Credit Score can Affect your Home Loan

When buying a home with a co-borrower, it is essential to know how both of your credit scores can affect your loan. We are going to address issues such as how much the credit score of each borrower affects the loan? Does having a cosigner change how much we can borrow? What about the interest rate? There are numerous areas of confusion around these topics and many others on the subject of home loans with more than one borrower.