Buying a Home in Phoenix

As the capital of Arizona, and the sixth most populated city in the country, Phoenix, AZ sits in what is known as the “Valley of the Sun” and occupies roughly 14 and a half thousand acres of land near the intersection of the Gila and Salt rivers.   It was founded in 1867 by Jack Swilling and was given its name to describe a city rising from the ashes of a ruined civilization – and risen it has.

Phoenix, AZ is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, which may come as a surprise given that the city is located in the Sonoran desert.   Despite this Phoenix has thrived and developed into one of the best places to live in America.

Phoenix loves coffee.  Coffee shops are littered all over Phoenix and even the mega metro cities like New York, Chicago, or Seattle cannot compare.   You are likely to spot Phoenix resident’s enjoying a fresh cup outside of Lux, Inside the Bungalow, Cartel Coffee Lab, Giant Coffee, or Lola’s.  The coffee scene here in Phoenix is quite impressive.

Affordability is also a great reason to move to Phoenix.  Recently Phoenix ranked 8th among the most affordable big cities in the US.   The cost of living in the Sun City is relatively low and the cost of real estate is actually affordable for most of its denizens, with home prices ranging from $150,000 to $250,000.  Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a massive influx of people moving into the area as of yet meaning that Phoenix is still flying pretty low on the radar.

Winter almost doesn’t exist in Phoenix.   While the summer heat can sometimes hit 115 degrees, the fall, spring and winter weather in Phoenix is amazingly comfortable.  Average Winter temperatures hover around 73 degrees during the day.    We believe this weather is part of what makes Phoenix so attractive and has contributed, in no small part, to its continued economic growth.  The weather in Phoenix creates a very unique lifestyle for the residents making the city pro bicycle and gives rise for the need of parks and walk able trails.

Consider Phoenix for your next city if you’re looking to relocate and if you’re need of a good home then come browse through our selection of rent-to-own homes in Phoenix, AZ