Buying a Home in Tulsa

Investing in Tulsa Real Estate

Located in north eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa is the 2nd largest city in the state and is quite possibly the most charming city in Oklahoma.   The highways are beautifully landscaped and the city has made a huge effort to add parks, fountains, and other beautification projects to the city to keep it looking inviting.  Given that Tulsa is considered the Mecca for the arts in Oklahoma it shouldn’t be a surprise that the city is known for its beauty.

Speaking of the arts, Tulsa really is the best place in Oklahoma for those interested in the arts. It can be seen through the many sculptures that appear along the city’s river trails.   You can find it in the buildings downtown which contain many art deco masterpieces.  It can be seen in the building themselves which are a fantastic mix of many different architectural styles.   There’s also Broadway plays and musicals at the Tulsa performing arts center and the Philbrook.  In Tulsa, you can also find the largest western American art collection at the Gillcrese.  These are just of a few of the many cultural and artistic trappings of Tulsa to experience.

The economy and job market in Tulsa is also on the rise.  The economy relies on the several industries in the region including aerospace manufacturing and aviation, health care, energy, machinery and electrical equipment manufacturing, transportation, distribution and logistics. These industries are expected to push job growth in Tulsa up 4% over the next year and are expected to push the median household income up 4% to just under $50,000.

The growth of the economy in Tulsa makes it a great place to buy a home.  With home prices in Tulsa averaging just over $100,000 it is a ridiculously affordable place to live.  If you’re currently renting a home and are thinking of buying then Tulsa is a great place to buy.   If you are not able to afford a traditional mortgage then you should know there are alternatives options available.   One of those alternatives is a rent-to-own or lease purchase agreement.   This agreement lets you live in your house while renting it for a few years while you build up your credit and save up to afford a traditional mortgage.   Browse through our listings of rent-to-own homes in Tulsa, OK today to find a home that is right for you.