Top US Cities to Live and Work

If you have ever wanted to know which cities in the United States were the at the top of the short list for being the absolute best places to live and work, then we have your answer right here.   We looked at 125 of the largest and most populated cities in the United States and used some science and math to figure out which ten cities ranked the best places in America to put down some roots.

What sciencey stuff do you ask?  We took a look at the local job markets, average salaries, relative cost of living, real estate values, nightlife, available outdoor activity, access to healthcare, commute times, access to higher education, crime rates, mental health statistics, and finally climate to figure out which cities in American are the places you will definitely want to call home.  Without further ado here it goes:

Austin, TX

Austin is a fantastic decidedly liberal city deep down in the heart of Texas.  The weather in Austin is fantastic, and most people consider an ideal day, one that consists of kayaking down the Colorado River through downtown enjoying the sun and a cold beer.  You’re never too far away from a great taco stand or a food truck.  Austin is the hub of technology in Texas and nearly every single major tech company in America and around the globe has a local office there.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is a beautiful quiet town nestled near both the bustling city of Denver and some of the most amazing ski resorts in the country.  Most of the major employers around Colorado Springs deal in Aerospace technology and manufacturing.  Housing in Colorado Springs is affordable, and you don’t have to deal with the traffic and the hustle of a larger metro like Denver.

Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is a quiet little city with all the big city attractions and appeal nestled up in the wooded and serene pacific northwest. The culture of Portland is welcoming, and the people are friendly.   This town has a wonderful array of arts and food trucks to please just about anyone.  It has some great companies and a very low unemployment rate that welcomes young and old professionals alike.  Portland is also one of the most affordable cities on the west coast.

Washington, D.C.

D.C. is the capital of the country, but there is far more to Washington than just the politics and the government.  D.C. has one of the best public transit systems anywhere in the world and is host to more museums than you could ever want to visit.  The wide selection of restaurants in D.C. rivals that of any place on earth.   D.C. is not the most affordable place on the list, but the opportunity and the lifestyle provided here more than makes up for the cost.

Seattle. WA

Most people think of Seattle as a gloomy place, but it receives less rainfall every year than many of the larger cities along the New England coast.  The winter months is Seattle can be a little overbearing since most of the rain comes in the winter.  However, spring and summers in Seattle are mild, sunny, and fantastic.  There are plenty of attractions In Seattle to keep people entertained with merrymaking and satisfied appetites, everything from Pike Place Market to dive bars there’s always something to keep you occupied.  Also, Seattle is a reasonably affordable place to live with many hi-tech companies hiring skilled professionals.

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