Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

There are many reasons to have plants inside your home.  Some studies have suggested that plants can increase the air quality in your home, help fight off colds, make you happier, and even increase cognitive functions.   However, some plants thrive better indoors than others,  often where there is little sunlight.  Knowing which of these plants to choose and how to care for them can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the benefits of enjoying a little greenery in your living room.


Aloe is used in many products due to its medicinal properties and it thrives near windows and in temperatures around 70 degrees.   Additionally, Aloe doesn’t require a great deal of water so lightly watering it with a misting spray bottle once a week should be sufficient to keep it happy and healthy.

English Ivy

Since this plant is an ivy it grows like a vine and makes for perfect accents to your furniture.   It requires very little sunlight but prefers cooler temperatures in the 50’s to 60’s for it to remain truly happy and healthy.    This ivy prefers moist soil so be sure to keep an eye on it to make sure the soil doesn’t dry out too much.  However, be careful not to over water it.

Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree is perhaps one of the easiest plants to grow indoors and can actually reach up to eight feet in height so be sure to prune it down if you don’t want it to grow tall.   This plant likes to live in medium light and requires a cycle of watered and dry soil.   Stick your finger down into the soil and if it’s dried out one to one and a half inches deep then water thoroughly.

Jade Plant

This succulent is very easy to care for and has beautiful deep green leaves.  While it can be slow to grow it can live up to 20 years or more.  These plants do not require a great deal of water so it’s better to keep the soil a bit on the dry side and requires medium light

Spider Plants

Spider plants come in many different varieties and have been a staple of the indoor plant world for a number of years.   These plants usually work best as hanging plants but can also do just fine sitting on a shelf or countertop.  They prefer normal room temperatures and enjoy bright to medium light.   Additionally, these plants will want moist soil to do their best.


Another staple of the indoor plants which has roughly 800 varieties.  The Ficus typically has beautiful deep green leaves and grows long vines that can actually be braided into topiaries.  It likes a lot of sun and normal room temperatures so hanging it in front of a window or even wrapping the branches around a curtain rod will help it grow.   You’ll typically want to let to soil dry out for two to three days then water it thoroughly.

We hope you enjoyed the list of low-maintenance plants that will thrive indoors.  If you’re trying to buy a home but are unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage you may consider renting to own a home which allows you build up credit so you can get a mortgage.   Check out our listings of rent-to-own homes today.