Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

Winter is over and spring has officially moved in. While you may be sitting on your patio sipping iced tea and eating cookies there is a big, looming task lurking in the back of your mind. Spring cleaning rears its ugly head once again and beckons you to clean up all those messes that inevitably occur during the cold winter months. Spring cleaning is a truly satisfying rite we humans have been performing on our dwellings for a long time and has a storied history that crosses many ancient cultures.
Luckily for you we’ve got some great tips to make your spring cleaning task a cinch.
• To clean a really dirty fridge, use Salt and Soda Water. The carbonation and the grit of this combination makes for an excellent cleaner.
• If you’re looking to get rid of built up lime around plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom then try soaking a paper towel in vinegar then placing the paper towel over the fixtures for about an hour. This will make cleaning any built up lime incredibly simple.
• If you have dirty screens on your windows try using a patch of carpeting. These are typically freely available at any major carpet store. Just ask for old carpet samples.
• Clean your dirty windows warm, soapy water and an old beat up washcloth, then dry with an old towel.
• You can clean dusty drapes in your dryer. Just pop them in the air cycle with no heat along with a damp cloth and the dust is removed like magic. Just takes about 15 minutes. You should re-hang them immediately to avoid wrinkling.
• Use furniture polish on fan blades to keep them dust free. Just wipe them down, spray on the polish then use a little elbow grease to run it in.
• Air out comforters or blankets with a clothes line to freshen them up. You could also wash them in the machine but where’s the fun in that?
Spring cleaning is not just about your house and furniture. If you have a shed, garage, barn, or even a car. It’s time to clean those up as well. To fully get into the spirit of cleaning up after winter then you’ll need to take a systematic, top down approach and look for anything that either needs to be cleaned or repaired. This includes roofing, ceiling tiles, gutters, exterior and interior walls, and foundations.
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