5 Affordable New York Neighborhoods

New Yorker’s may not agree on much of anything but almost all can agree on one thing, finding a rental property in an affordable New York neighborhood with a great commute time is like finding a unicorn. Rent for a single bedroom in New York City with a decent commute time burns away roughly $3,000 every month. Any apartment for rent in a practical neighborhood in New York will be difficult to afford, but there are some overlooked neighborhoods turning up with great deals. These neighborhoods are close to a unicorn, as anyone will find.

Here are five neighborhoods in New York to find some affordable digs.

Washington Heights (Manhattan)

Washington Heights may be the last frontier of affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan. Washington Heights along with its neighbor Inwood has always been a haven for great Dominican food, but there are plenty of low-key places, which span the culinary spectrum. Late night fun is easy to find with new craft brew bars popping up all over the neighborhood. The apartments in these areas are usually a bit larger in addition to being more affordable.

Lower East Side (Manhattan)

The price of housing in the Lower East Side (LES) is starting to reach its more trendy neighbors, but still more affordable than the neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan south of Midtown. The apartments in LES have a great 90’s vibe; in fact, the entire neighborhood offers up clubs, bars, and dine-ins, which share the same vibe from that decade.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens (Brooklyn)

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is located just south of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. This neighborhood contains wonderful limestone’s at a steal for the quiet and more family-friendly side of Brooklyn. Lefferts Gardens plays host to many great cafes, higher-end shops, and delicious bakeries. The only downside to this area is a lack of significant nightlife such as bars, clubs, or other entertainment venues.

Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn)

Bedford-Stuyvesant or Bed-Stuy still has rental prices below the market average in Brooklyn, which is very attractive to renters. Bed-Stuy is a great New York Neighborhood for hipsters and Millennials. Live music venues, vintage stores, and even dog parks are just a few of the things attracting young professional to the area. Bed-Stuy is also your typical Brooklyn neighborhood lined with brownstones and rowhouses with some still serving as generational homes.

Sunnyside (Queens)

Sunnyside in Queens is the final neighborhood on the list but is not be discounted because it is Queens. Sunnyside has great commute times anywhere into Manhattan and still boast some of the lowest rent in the five burrows. This particular neighborhood has a friendly and diverse community that offers plenty of charm.  Sunnyside is teeming restaurants, bars, and shops.  Low prices, great commutes, and plenty to do, what more could anyone want out of a New York neighborhood?

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