Finding Pet-Friendly Rentals

Find a pet-friendly rental these days can be a bit of a challenge.  Your pets feel like a part of your family, but there is an increasing number of property owners who are not allowing pets, and those who do are charging deposits, fees, and even pet rent.  It is understandable for a landlord to want to reduce their risk of damage, nobody wants to pay to repair damages caused by a pet especially when it’s not even yours.  However, we also do not want to drift towards a society where pet ownership and home ownership are mutually inclusive.

Deposits, fees, pet rent, are something that any renter with pets has encountered at some point. Pet deposits work much the same as a typical deposit. Any damages to the property caused by the pet such as chewed up baseboards would repair with funds from your pet deposit. Pet deposits vary in amounts and can be reasonable to very steep. In addition to the deposit, there are sometimes pet fees as well. Again, these fees can vary in amount from reasonable to pricey. Unlike the deposits, you will never have any hope of seeing your pet fee money again. Finally, you may encounter pet rent in some rental listings. Pet rent is money paid per month for having a pet.  Remember though; everything is negotiable.

What can you do? When moving out of town or out of state, research a great pet-friendly rental in the right city.  Many states and cities across the country have adopted pet-friendly policies when developing real estate and commercial spaces in metropolitan areas.

If you are moving locally, and you are finding it difficult to find a rental that allows pets there are some other things you can you do to try to persuade a landlord to accept you as a tenant. If you remember earlier, we said that everything is negotiable. Put together a pet resume and get references for your pets.  Consider talking to friends and family and have them speak to the landlord about your pet. If you can show that your pet is well behaved and does not cause damage, then you may be able to persuade a landlord to let you rent their property.  The more people you can get to vouch for your pets the better.  Not only can you tap friends and family, but you can also ask previous landlords to vouch for your pets as well.   You can also include a vaccination schedule to show that you take care of your pets and that they are healthy.

Consider a rent-to-own home. You may not be aware of this, but rent-to-own homes let you rent for three years before you buy the home you are renting.  Rent-to-own homes are probably the best way to get into a rental property with no pet rent, deposits or fees.