What to Look for in a Rental Listing

It does not matter where you live whether it be in suburban areas, a city or small town;  nor does it matter if you are looking to live in a single-family house, townhome, condo, or an apartment there is always a commitment of time searching online or driving around finding the right place to call home. How do you know what to look for in a rental listing?

To save some time and undue stresses, you need to ensure you have all the relevant information required to make an informed decision about any given rental property you are considering.  A good rental listing will contain details about the rental that help you make a sound choice for your next home.  Here are a few things rental listing should contain:


Any good rental listing will contain the most basic information for a rental.  These basics should include the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, rent price, address, pets allowed, included utilities (if any), deposit required, and square footage.

Avoid any listing that does not contain at a minimum, all of this basic information as there are many scammers out there looking to take hard earned money from the unwary.


Beyond the most basic information, we listed above there are many other amenities and features of a rental property.  These added details include things like central heat and air, included appliances, carpeting, parking information, community amenities, and laundry facilities.  There are many different amenities offered by single-family homes and apartment complexes so have an idea about what kind of a must -have you will require from your next rental and use the details in the listing to help you decide which rentals to pursue or see in person.

Policy Details

A good rental listing will also contain detailed policy information in addition to the basic information and the amenities.  This detailed information should include restrictions on pets, smoking/non-smoking, subleasing allowed, and lease term lengths.

If there are any details missing from the listing always call the listing agent and ask questions about anything that is not clarified or is unclear in the listing information.  If there is no contact information available in the listing its best to avoid that rental all together.


These days everyone has a cell phone.  There is no excuse for a rental listing to be missing photos of the rental property.   Most serious landlords will hire a professional to take detailed, high-quality photos of their property to show it off.

Be wary of any listing which does not include photos of every interior room as well as all areas on the exterior of the rental.  If you decide to visit a listing in person that has not included a photo of one of the bedrooms, then be sure you check out that room to find out why that room was not photographed and included in the listing.  Also be aware that some people will post photos of a different home on a listing trying to bait and switch potential renters.

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