Tips for Improving your Apartment Patio Space

Most apartment dwellers know that space is important. For some, the management and organization of small spaces is an art form executed with style and grace. While for others, it’s a chaotic mess. When it comes to patios for apartments managing small spaces can be challenging for anyone. Hopefully with just a little bit of help from us you can tackle that apartment patio and make it your very own little slice of outdoor heaven.

Give Your Space Function

The best way to make use of space is give it a function. Start by brainstorming ideas for how you’d like use the space in everyday life. You might need plush seating for relaxation or perhaps a small table a few chairs for dining, or maybe a lounge chair for catching a tan. It may be helpful to divide the space into different functional areas depending on home much space you have available.


Pathways and Lines of Sight

Always make sure you have good pathways and lines of sight. The use of rugs help define a clear path of where to walk. You should strive to add a few items to the space that draw in the eyes. Fountains, tall plants, hanging flowerpots, small decorative tables, a rug all of these are great ways to draw the eyes towards the objects in the space. Creating good lines of sight is essentially just placing items in the right places so they have a the best appeal from any seat in the space. It’s also a great idea to make a good first impression, you’ll want the entry line of sight to really capture the space so make it interesting. Trust us, it will raise the appeal drastically.


Use Vertical Space

Since space is the primary concern it’s a smart move to go vertical with your patio decoration, but don’t go overboard. Planting vines on a small trellis is a great way to decoration vertically. Vertical shelving is another excellent method to add decor to small space. Wind Chimes and hanging pots can also add to your vertical decor by filling in gaps. By going vertical with your ideas, you’ll draw the eyes upward creating the illusion of more space

If you decide to use plants, consider using a variety of flower colors, and a good variety of heights. The more diverse your plants appear the more appealing the space will be to the eye.


Simple is Better

We know, we’ve given you a ton of ideas to plop onto your patio but just keep in mind that less is more.  There is a limited amount of space it is very important to make sure that space doesn’t appear cluttered.    Try to keep the small decor items to a minimum while maximizing their placement. Furthermore, please ensure that you are caring for your plants, nothing is more sad on a patio than a dying plant.

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