How to Add some Personal Style to your Rental Space

We have all seen those common rental spaces with the whitewashed walls and laminate flooring.   The interior of most apartments usually leaves a little bit to be desired.  Fret not folks.  We have you covered with some great ways to add some personal touch to your rental space look and make it look like you own it.

You can change the look of your counters, floors, backsplashes, walls, and appliances. Before you ask, yes you actually can do it.  Contact paper products have made some great strides in home decor.  The paper that changes home decor game comes in a wide variety of styles, strengths, and designs.  Anything from natural wood to solid marble to the artwork.  The adhesive paper is cheap and relatively easy to apply.  What’s better is that they can be easily removed when you move out.  Most hardware stores carry a wide variety of the peel and stick products to cover just about any surface or appliance in your apartment.

Lighting makes all the difference. Most overhead lights in a rental are the standard, non-descript pane of thick glass or a very standard ceiling fan fixture combo.   Replacing these is doable, but it is not the most natural thing to do.  However, you can use floor lamps and plug-in lighting to help create the ambiance you more at home within.

Add some fresh art to your walls.  When we picture a wall inside a rental property, we usually see eggshell white, beige, or bright white.   Except the occasional, wallpaper from the eighties and nineties that you immediately ruled out when you were looking for your next apartment.   The good news is that you do not have to settle for a plain white wall.   You can quickly add some style all your own with peel and stick wallpaper products which look incredible.  You can also find some great deals on printed art. Most stores like TJMaxx, Ross, and Home Goods; have some good deals on printed and framed art you can put on the walls to give your rental some personality.

Create your jungle.  If your rental has an outdoor space, it can be one of the best ways to make your rent cozier.  It can also add the feeling of having an extra room for your living space.  You can always add connectable deck tiles, like SnapDeck, to change the flooring of your outdoor area to something with a little more style.   Plant or pot some flowers and veggies to give your area some green and color.   Consider a bird feeder and a birdhouse to provide a consistent source of food and shelter for wildlife.   You can even install stand-alone fountains or build one with a do-it-yourself kit.  The outdoor spaces are the most diverse, and by sprucing up your outdoor area, you can make it feel like you have gained an extra room.

If you are tired of renting why not consider a rent-to-own home and check out out listings.