Getting Back into Shape this Spring

As humans, we typically like to lounge about in the colder, winter months. We also want to binge eat our favorite comfort foods and prefer to stay indoors to avoid the brisk air outside. The winter months also bring two holidays which come with the traditional full course, or more, dinners.  It is no surprise we all put on a ton few extra pounds of weight as we both celebrate and virtually hibernate during the winter season.

Well, there is a way to lose all those pounds you put on by just following these helpful tips.

Create a workout plan.  We would all like to hit that snooze button and fall right back asleep in the mornings.  But if we are honest with ourselves, it is that lazy mindset which has enabled us to put on the extra weight.  Begin to drop those extra pounds by creating a workout plan and sticking to it.  Your workout does not have to come in the morning hours to be successful. You need to choose the time that works best for your schedule and commit to 30 minutes of exercise a day.  You will feel better, have more energy, and you will lose weight.   Who knew?

Avoid fad diets.  Every year, starting at around Jan 1, you will see a massive influx of diet advertisements.  Whatever you do, do not fall for those dieting fad ads. There is no miracle pill, snack, or program that will magically make the weight come off your body.  No, if you want to lose the weight, you have got to dig deep and work hard at it.

Eat better.  For months now you have been snacking on potato chips, eating leftover turkey with stuffing, and have scarfed down a few pizzas along the way while sucking down a sugary drink.  These are perfect ways to gain weight.  You have to stop eating overly processed and sugar-filled foods.  Bring on the protein, whole grains,  vegetables and fresh fruit if you want to start living a healthier and thinner life.

Commit to lifestyle changes.  The key to making any significant changes to yourself and your body is to commit to a lifestyle change.   If you are not 100% committed to making healthy changes in your life, then you will not be able to achieve what you set out to do.  We are not going to lie.  It is hard to change how you live your life from day to day, but your life is worth living healthily and satisfyingly.

It is ok to cheat.  You can still be committed to a healthy lifestyle and take breaks from it on occasion.  In fact, this is a healthy outlook and is a requirement to living a balanced and full life.  Go ahead and fall off that wagon for a day or two every month. The trick is to jump right back on the wagon when you are done cheating.

Avoid falling into the same traps. Once you reach a point where you’ve started living in a healthier way you have to avoid falling into the same cycles that set you on a path to being overweight at the beginning.   Knowing where those paths lead and staying off those paths is a crucial step to staying healthy and fit.

We hope you found these tips both useful and inspiring.   If you happen to be in the market for a home, then check out or rent-to-own home listings in your area.