New Year Resolutions for your Home

2017 is almost over and its time to make plans for the new year.   Its that time of year again to reflect on the year past and vow to do things better next year.   What resolutions do you have planned for yourself this year?   How about some resolutions for your home to tag along for the journey.  There is no better time of year to make changes than New Year holiday so here are some great resolution ideas for your home this coming year.


Few things feel better than reducing clutter.   Every year you should vow to do some determined organizing and purging of household items you’ve collected over the past year.

Go through your home room by room and clean out anything you haven’t used in a while and reorganize any items that managed to migrate away from their designated area.  Store the ugly but very useful stuff, such as remote controls or house shoes, inside baskets or crates or whatever organizing style suits you.

Give your budget an audit

It is never a bad idea to go through your monthly expenses and try to find ways to save money.   Go through your online banking and your credit card statements and try to find ways to reduce your spending.  Cut back on things that are not essential, and you do not need or use.   You could always make small sacrifices by drinking two fewer lattes every week; it’ll be worth it to see less money going out of your accounts.

Oh and don’t forget to always, always pay yourself first.  Make sure you set aside $10-$25 a week or whatever you can afford and put into a savings account.  Even at just $10 a week you are saving $520 a year.

Develop a cleaning and maintenance schedule

It is much easier to keep a house clean if you do it on a schedule.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  You could schedule 2 hours a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Possibly even one day a month to do specific tasks which are less frequent like replacing air filters.

Aside from the chores, you should be doing weekly and monthly.    Critical tasks such as doing dishes should be done daily. There are also simple things that can go a long way which you can do each time you use something.   For example, it is easy to clean out sinks and wipe them down with a towel after every use.

These tips will help you keep your house clean all through 2018, but the bottom line is to find a schedule that suits your needs and stick with it.

Entertain more often

Inviting friends over to your home for a get together or a game night is one of the best perks of being an adult.   Decorating your home and prepping it for company is also a lot of fun.   You could set up a gaming area with a gaming table to get your guests involved in an activity or put out some chairs on the patio with a small fountain and some plants to create a beautiful comfy space to listen to some music and chit-chat.

Whatever you decide to resolve for your home in 2018 make sure to make the most of your new year and check out some rent-to-own homes in your area.