Rent-to-Own a Home in San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA and is the second largest city in the great state of California.  There is no other place in the United States with a similar blend of culture, weather, and economic opportunity than beautiful San Diego, California.  No amount of text in an article can genuinely describe San Diego the justice it deserves; it is just one of those places you have to experience yourself.


San Diego is world-renowned for its consistent, beautiful weather year round.   The average temperature throughout the year is a perfect 72 degrees.  The climate of the area feels a lot like the Mediterranean and is the ideal place to spend most of your time outdoors enjoying nature and the excellent weather.  Ask anyone who has ever lived in San Diego, and they will tell you it is paradise.

What to do in San Diego

San Diego is a town full of culture and entertainment.  The nightlife in San Diego comes fully loaded with theatre, music, art shows, attractions, and anything else you can imagine.  There is a significant Mexican cultural presence due to how close the city is located on the Mexican border.   Mexican food in San Diego is arguably best you can find in the United States.  Also, San Diego hosts the largest comics convention on earth (Comic-Con) and is attended by tens of thousands of fans every year.

Big attractions.

If you are urban, you can hit the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego and find museums, brewers, dive bars, art galleries,  and many other great attractions. If you like wildlife, you can visit The San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the safari park.  There is also an excellent place for family fun in the Belmont Park, which provides carnival-style rides and booths for some wholesome family fun.   San Diego also hosts a lot of sporting events to keep you engaged.

Real estate

The real estate market in San Diego has been booming lately, much like most major metro areas in the United States. , Home prices and values in San Diego have been rising by about 10 percent per year over the past few years.   San Diego is a great place to buy real estate and is a sound investment for your future financial plans.


Renting a housing unit in San Diego is similar to that of any other place in America.  There is a wide variety of choices available to prospective residents, who can choose from suburban single-family homes, beachfront bungalows, or urban apartments to name a few of the options available  Rent in San Diego is right about $2000 a month on average.

Bottom line, San Diego is a great place to live and put down some roots.  So relax and take a bit of time to browse our selection of beautiful rent-to-own homes in San Deigo, CA today