Rent to Own Homes in Bakersfield, CA

Californians know that Bakersfield is the best place to stop on a road trip between Sacramento and Los Angeles.  But Bakersfield’s location has given the city a thriving job market and a healthy economy through the agriculture and oil industries.  Bakersfield is one of the most affordable places to buy a home in California, and it has a strong sense of community that makes it a great place to raise a family and settle down.

The entire San Joaquin Valley in the heart of California is a bit like Texas.   Oil fields, crops and livestock litter the entire valley along with Bars and boot-scootin’ honky-tonks.  But true to California, the locals here have embraced the idea of locally sourced fresh food and vegetables.

The cost of living in Bakersfield is still a bit higher than the national average but is far more affordable than a large portion other areas of California.   Also, a resident of Bakersfield might pay a little bit more than the national average on utilities, groceries, and other essentials, the cost of living is overall significantly less than the other major metros of California such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, or even Sacramento.

The summers in Bakersfield can get a bit warm, and the winters are very mild.  It is not uncommon to see temperatures reach over 100 degrees periodically in the middle of Summer.  Winter brings rain and green grass while the transitions of Fall and Spring are mild and moderate.

Getting around in Bakersfield is not very difficult, but it does not have a large mass transit system like the larger metro areas.   Still, The Golden Empire Transit District provides public bus services to Bakersfield and the surrounding areas.  Most folks here commute via personal vehicle, but despite this, there are bike lanes all over town and a 30-mile long bike path.

Finding the right home in Bakersfield depends on where one works and what they do for fun.
One of the great things about California is that you can drive a few hours in pretty much any direction to find a spot to engage in any hobby imaginable.  There are mountains for skiing, Beaches for surfing, forests for camping.  Being in the heart of southern California puts people in a great place to experience all that California has to offer.

Buying a home in Bakersfield is a great investment as well.  2017 showed a huge spike in home prices as the real estate market there continues to rebound from the crash spike in 2012 and 2013 as the real estate market rebounded from the housing boom.

If you’re considering buying or renting to own a home, see our list of rent-to-own home available in Bakersfield, CA.