Rent-to-Own for Landlords: How to Make Your Listing Appealing

While rent-to-own is frequently discussed from the consumer standpoint, not much information exists for the landlord.  Today we would like to give some rent-to-own advice for landlords to make their home listing more appealing.

Step 1: Ensure your rent-to-own listing is visible to the right people

Unlike typical real estate listings, rent-to-own homes don’t have a central MLS system to allow agents to publicize the listing on their sites.  In order for your rent-to-own listing to be viewable outside of your typical real estate websites, you will want to list it on websites dedicated to these types of real estate purchases.  Housinglist is one of these trusted sites, as we offer a constantly updated list of new listings across the country.


Step 2: Take Good Photos

Many rent-to-own sites will allow one featured photo of the home to be accessible to the public.  To view additional photos, users may need to register with the particular website. Make sure your featured photo is eye catching and stands out from the other listings.  A photograph that captures the front of the home, and has attractive lighting is bound to impress.


Step 3: Yard Appeal:

Since it’s likely the front of your home will be featured, make sure the yard is well-kept and attractive.  Perform any necessary yard maintenance prior to taking your photo. This means doing any necessary pruning of shrubs and trees, mowing the lawn and adding flowers or plants that may add beauty.  Don’t neglect to add a fresh coat of paint, as this can make your a dated home look brand new again.


Step 4:  Provide Good Listing Information:

Make sure that you provide detailed information about your listing.  You should submit information on how many bathrooms and bedrooms the home is, along with any particular features or upgrades you may have added over the years.  This will all make your home more appealing than others on the market.


Following these 4 steps will place your home in the spotlight, and attract the attention of consumers looking for a local rent-to-own opportunity.  We wish you the best of luck!