Security Tips for Living in an Apartment

Living in an apartment you probably just assume burglaries are a rare occurrence, a statistical anomaly if you will.  Why would you possibly need a security system for your apartment?  Well you might be surprised to learn that living in an apartment puts you at a higher risk of robbery than living in a single family home. In fact, an 85 times higher risk to be exact, as data from the NCPC (National Crime Prevention Council) has shown.  So, if you’re living in an apartment and don’t have a security system of some sort then you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk. One of the most obvious ways to avoid this risk would simply be to buy or rent a home instead of living in an apartment, possibly even rent-to-own a home.  But there are many other steps you can take to reduce your risk.

There are many ways to avoid and prevent being robbed while you live in an apartment and preventing crimes or reducing your risks of being a victimized by these crimes doesn’t have to be expensive or rely too heavily on technology to be effective. Though using some technology doesn’t hurt.  So let’s go over some of the things you can do in your apartment, apartment complex, and with your neighbors to help prevent robberies.

Neighbors and Community
Getting to know your neighbors and fostering a watchful and aware community is one of the best ways to prevent crime from happening in an apartment building or complex. Organizing a neighborhood watch program with patrols can be a great way to help prevent crime. You should try to organize social events for tenants to help them interact with one another and foster a better community. Additionally, look to repair or create social areas, such as a green space, a basketball goal, or a playground.

The Building or Complex

The apartment building or complex you live in could have many ways for someone to enter easily or have features which make it more appealing to a criminal.  Have the apartment management examine the entrances and exits to the building for anything that would make access easier for a criminal.   Roadways, parking lots, common areas, pathways and stairwells should all be well-lighted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Road entrances should, at the very least, be gated but if they have a security guard tracking the people entering the complex then it’s even better.  Upkeep has a great impact on deterrence, so the grounds should be well maintained with trimmed trees, pruned shrubs, and the grass mowed to help discourage criminals.

Your Apartment

The most important part of home security is your apartment. Make sure your entry door has a peephole along with at least one deadbolt lock but two would be preferable.   If you’ve got a sliding glass door then make sure it has a mechanism to prevent the door from opening from the outside, such as a wooden rod or a metal pin lock int he track.  Windows should have safety locks to prevent them from opening from the outside as well.  You may also want to consider a security camera system with cloud storage such as a Nest, Arlo or Canary.

Buy or Rent a Home
There’s always the option of buying or renting a home as a way to reduce your risk or you could rent-to-own a home.  If you’ve never heard of rent-to-own home before be sure to check out our rent-to-own homes guide.