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2 Beds, 1 Bath
952 sqft

Old Forge, PA 18518

2 Beds, 1 Bath

Old Forge, PA 18518
HUD Foreclosure

Single Family Home
County: Lackawanna
Year Built: 1970
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Sale Type: HUD Foreclosure

Property Type: Single Family Home
Description: This single family home has been listed as a foreclosure through HUD. This means that the owner became delinquent on the loan of this 2 bed, 1 bath single family home in Old Forge, PA. As a result the home is now being sold through auction process where the highest bidder will win this Old Forge HUD Foreclosed home. These types of auctions are generally favorable to lower-income families and owner-occupants are given preference before the investors. While a list price for this 2 bed, 1 bath single family home in Old Forge, PA is provided (upon registering), any reasonable bid can be submitted. All bids for this Old Forge home must be submitted through a registered HUD agent. Register today to submit your bid!

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