Buyer Benefits of Rent to Own

Personal Benefits

  • Opportunity to Own Your Dream Home:

    You have the ability to own your own home as you build up equity and fix any potential credit problems.
  • Prepare for Home Ownership:

    Take your time and learn how to properly care for a house as you move towards your goal of home ownership.
  • Get the Help You Need: has partnered with trusted experts who can help you to improve your credit, pay down your unsecured debt, and save towards your down payment

Financial Benefits

  • Turn Your Rent Into An Investment:

    Both a portion of your monthly rent and down payment at closing will be credited to your purchase price.
  • Profit from Appreciation:

    In a Rent To Own agreement the purchase price is fixed, giving you the opportunity to make equity gains in the midst of growing real estate markets.
  • Credit Improvement Specialists Available:

    Our credit experts can help you build your credit to the point of making a purchase at the end of your lease.

Transaction Benefits

  • Upfront Timing:

    The timing for moving into a Rent to Own home can be much shorter than purchasing a home should you choose to exercise your option.
  • Maintain Your Flexibility:

    Rent To Own gives you the flexibility to walk away from the property at the end of your lease term, should you decide you don't want to make the purchase.
  • Potential to Own With Any Credit:

    Whether you've had late payments, a bankruptcy or simply haven't had enough time to build up your credit, a Rent To Own home may enable you to build equity and repair credit while renting to own your home.

Seller Benefits of Rent to Own

Financial Benefits

  • Downside Protection:

    If your buyer should fail to procure a mortgage loan, or waive the purchase option at the maturity of the lease term, you retain the deposit, rent, an all accumulated equity.
  • Rent Premium:

    Rent to own landlords typically collect a rental rate premium in exchange for offering a purchase option.
  • Tax Friendly:

    Avoid short-term capital gains with a "fix and flip" strategy by renting to own the property to a tenant, just be sure the lease extends more than a year from your date of purchase.

Transaction Benefits

  • Responsible Renters:

    Your tenant has a large personal equity stake in the home you are selling, and as a result will treat your property just like his own.
  • No Traditional Real Estate Transaction Fees:

    Avoid all real estate commissions by selling your home to your tenant without using an agent.