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Top Reasons Why Alaska is a perfect place to buy a Rent to Own

  • More than just fishing and oil! The variety of jobs that are available in Alaska, ranging from healthcare and government to timber and tourism, may come as a surprise. Some of these sectors are growing rapidly, especially in cities like Anchorage and Juneau. With the Internet, there are opportunities for remote-working in Alaska. This is a state that is increasingly tech-savvy and opportunities within this sector are good.
  • Alaska offers a different life! In Alaska, the salaries are average, so this is not a place that attracts the high-earning Wall Street types. There are non-monetary compensations though, from the magnificence of a hike to the Medenhall Glacier to hearing a moose rustle in the forest on the way to school. As the fishermen in Ketchikan will tell you, each day there is something new to see, from the sunrise in Glacier Bay to a bald eagle.
  • You'll love the seasons...eventually! Living in Alaska will banish the myth of constant cold and dark. During summer, the glory of the Midnight Sun is a time for celebrating long days and for having fun outdoors. The autumnal days are beautiful to see in places like Valdez and Seward. When winter comes, so does the snow and darker days. Many people take a vacation during the darkest days to cope with the lack of light. Temperatures on the coast are similar to Portland, but the interior can drop an additional 30 degrees.

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Top 18 Reasons to Live in Alaska

  • Lower taxes! Alaska has the lowest rate of tax in the USA, and there is no state-wide sales tax. Although food is priced higher here, the cost of living can work out lower than average because many things in Alaska are free, such as a hike to Flattop Mountain or a walk in Anchorage's Kincaid Park. Whether you are looking for a rent to own home or are buying outright, this area is popular.
  • A true education system! Alaska has some excellent schools and colleges, and if you move to a rural area, class numbers are often very small. Your child will love the adventure of traveling to school, perhaps on the Alaska State Ferry or through woodland where deer and other wild animals can be seen. Alaskan schools take sports very seriously too.
  • Alaskans brew real beer! From the Alaskan Brewing Company to niche microbreweries, great beers are served locally. Whether it is a bar in Anchorage or a restaurant in downtown Juneau, the beers just have to be sampled here.
  • Unique and very special events! Imagine living close to the famous Iditarod Sled Race or the Iron Dog Gold Rush Classic. There is something special about sporting events in Alaska due to the challenging terrain.
  • Alaska loves animals! Home to many species of wild animals, from bobcats to timber wolves and bears, this is a place to enjoy the wildlife. One minute you could be watching a pod of whales and the next a salmon being caught by a bear.
  • Alaska has great bluegrass and traditional music! In Alaska there are some superb places to hear bluegrass played well and there are several good festivals to enjoy. The Talkeetna Bluegrass Festival and Juneau Folk Festival are among the best.
  • That sense of community! Alaska is a really beautiful place but can be a challenge at times due to the remoteness. That's where the Alaskan spirit kicks in. You will find that when something happens in a community, everyone pulls together to help each other out.
  • All on your own budget? You betcha! Prices of homes in Alaska may surprise you because you can often get more space for your money, including rental houses. Anchorage and Juneau might be more expensive, but if you're outside Anchorage, you are likely to get a lot more for your money than in other parts of the US.
  • Real estate in Alaska is a good investment! With the population rising steadily in Alaska, a property bought now is likely to increase in value over the next few years. Places like Anchorage and Fairbanks are always popular and hold their value.
  • It is a hunting and fishing paradise! The fishing in Alaska is in a different league with some of the best salmon runs in the world. The town of Homer is known as the halibut capital of the world and the lake trout here are renowned. This is also a place where hunting responsibly is accepted and game is very popular.
  • The history and heritage! From Native Americans to the Gold Rush and early settlers, Alaska has a rich history. The culture here is fascinating too with Russian, American, and European influences.
  • A true transport connection! Some cities are not connected by road, such as Juneau, so you will need to factor in how you get to work if your job is outside your community, and what happens if there is a family emergency. You might even need some basic boating skills.
  • So many places to choose from to live in! Getting to know a neighborhood takes time, and if you have secured a job in Alaska and are looking at homes for sale, you may want to take your time before committing to a purchase. What you could do is consider a rental scheme, which would help you decide whether the area is right for you. In Alaska, there are million-dollar ocean-view homes, condominiums, rustic chalets and huts, and houses. You can find any type of housing for rent or for sale.
  • Affordable housing schemes! Some cities in Alaska offer affordable housing schemes for first-time buyers, senior citizens, and others. If you are looking for a house to purchase, you might qualify for these programs.
  • Go with a sense of adventure! Alaska is one of the last frontiers and is amazingly beautiful. There are few places where you can see the Northern Lights or caribou by the road as you drive home from work. Go with your gut feeling, and enjoy Alaska.