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  • Phenix City has grown in popularity since its debut as the face of Russell County. Phenix City is quite close to the western part of Columbus, GA, so it's often known as the hub of the area. Businessweek named Phenix City as the most affordable in the county. This, in part, is due to the abundance of homes, great job opportunities and inexpensive real estate investments here. The climate of Phenix City is warm and precipitation is well-distributed throughout the year.

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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Phenix City, AL

  • Media connectivity! In the modern era of technological advancement, connectivity and communication are vital; Phenix City's connectivity to media and avenues of communication is remarkable. The proximity to Columbus, Georgia enables accessibility to the flow of information and entertainment from the local and national media. In addition, the city has three major stations licensed to transmit radio signal--WURY-LP, WGSY and WHAL.
  • Cultural diversity hub! Phenix City is identified by many as a hub for cultural diversity in the U.S. The diversity of the city is widespread and captures the major activities of Lee County, making Phenix the hub of the metropolitan area!
  • Increasing ownership! The Hub City has become a destination for rent to own residents from across the U.S. The affordable suburb notation makes the city a relieving area for all and neighboring Columbus with an occupancy rate of 68 percent. The rate of ownership of the city, especially the area bordering Columbus, has gradually grown in home ownership.
  • Home to notable personalities! The amazing connection of the city with famous personality is notable, making Phenix one of the cities lived by notable persons. Notable personalities known to live in the city include, Jo Jo Benson a renowned singer, Aidan Gould, a famous child actor and Kasey Kiker an all-time skilled basketball player in the major league!
  • Affordable city! Phenix City is one of the most affordable cities in the U.S.! The living standard of the city is truly affordable for both residents and visitors. The Mayor of the city, Eddie Lowe, and Wallace Hunter, the city manager are associated with the affordability of the city.
  • Affordable housing! Housing in Phenix City costs less than the average cost of a house in Alabama. However, rent to own homes are on an upward move, especially in areas close to WHAL radio station. This makes the occupancy rate over 68 percent! The community next to Columbus is instrumental in making it affordable and open to prosperity. This is truly the direct connection between affordability and diversity in Lee County!