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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Scottsboro, AL

  • Scottsboro, Alabama, is located just 30 miles from both the Tennessee and Georgia state lines. The city was founded by Robert Scott, an Alabama politician who was looking for a bit of land to call his own. Scottsboro encompasses a total area of 51.7 square miles and had a population of 14,770 at the 2010 census. Residents originally dubbed the area Crow Town, then Scottsville, Scott's Mill, and Sage Town. In 1870, the city was finally incorporated as Scottsboro, a name it holds to this day.

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  • Find a charming rental! Residents in Scottsboro are welcoming to visitors and new arrivals. You can find an affordable rental or rent to own home in neighborhoods like Skyline/Hollywood and the Bellefonte district.
  • Enjoy a unique festival! There are plenty of entertainment options in Scottsboro. The King-Caldwell Park, which was named after oil tycoon David King Caldwell, hosts a festival each year. This event is called Art Sunday, and it's held the weekend before Labor Day. People visit from the surrounding states to enjoy the fun and food offered annually here. The Art in the Park event accepts artwork entries from anyone who chooses to participate. Vendors are allowed to sell their goods and awards are given for the best artwork.
  • Buy an affordable home! Homes in Scottsboro are affordable, and they're located close to several metropolitan areas. You can find a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home here for less than $200,000. Residents often find employment at one of the 42 manufacturing plants in the area, including Imperial Aluminum and Buccaneer Rope Company. Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Atlanta are all with commuting distance, as well.
  • Fun shopping choices! Scottsboro has some interesting shopping locales. The Unclaimed Baggage Center collects lost belongings from various airlines from around the world. The store has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post; you never know what you'll find here. Scottsboro is also home to the oldest trade day in the country. Vendors gather for the First Monday trade show each month. Stalls of goods line the streets, and shoppers can trade or buy what they please. When you're done shopping, head over to Payne's Soda Shop for a traditional malt or shake. Payne's has been around for decades, and they keep the decor and food choices timeless. Rare photos from the Scottsboro area line the walls, and the interior of the shop is decorated in classic 1950s style.