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  • Bentonville residents love to get out and enjoy nature, and the city provides them with plenty of neighborhood parks and outdoor spaces to do so. Enjoy the fresh air at Bogle Park, a charming little green space right in the center of town. Or head east to Orchards Park where you can go on a long nature hike or take in a soccer or volleyball game at one of the fields. If you like skateboarding, you can always give the Memorial Skate Park a try, too! Bentonville is a charming town filled with friendly people, and a great place to start looking for new apartments!

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Best Reasons to Move to Bentonville!

  • Home to Walmart: Bentonville is the location of Walmart's home office. Walmart also has a visitor center in the area, located in Bentonville town square. It includes fifteen buildings! In the center of the buildings are interactive, hands-on displays to keep visitors entertained. The center also offers a lot of history about the Walmart company and the family that started it. You can also do your daily shopping at the Walmart Supercenter, close to Bentonville cemetery.
  • Low Cost of Living: If you are looking for rent to own houses in Bentonville, you'll probably find that you're able to stretch your dollar a little further than other places. That's because the cost of living here is 13% below the US average! That means that you can use your extra bucks on a bigger house or else save it up for fun and entertainment, like heading to the Lawrence Plaza Ice Rink and Splash Park or checking out the Peel Mansion Museum and Park.
  • Rising home values: Home values here have risen 5% since the year 2000 and appear to still be on the rise. That means you can still hunt down some good prices here, and your home will probably appreciate over the years. It's a great time to invest in a home in Bentonville! Look near the Old High Middle School or the RE Baker Elementary school for houses on quiet, tree-lined streets.
  • Full of Cultural Treasures: Bentonville has its fair share of cultural treasures that keep its residents excited and connected to the world. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art contains many masterpieces from various eras of American art and is a huge draw for visitors. The Benton County Courthouse is a gorgeous building worth visiting that is set right in the center of town. This is also a good area to start looking for homes for sale because it has a higher vacancy rate than other parts of town.
  • Museum of Native American History This museum is touted as having one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Native American artifacts in the area. It's a must see for anyone interested in visiting a gorgeous property where you can learn all about America's original settlers. It's also close to the Crystal Bridges Trail where you can go for hikes, jogs or bike rides!