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Top 9 Reasons for Living in Sierra Vista, AZ

  • Excellent home appreciation! Before you buy in any city, it's good to know how fast your home will likely appreciate. In Sierra Vista, the rate of appreciation is more than 6%, which is more than triple the national rate. Look around El Camino Real and East Foothills Road for homes you can buy or rent to own.

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  • Lots of renters! Whether you seek rental homes or rent to own homes, you will like knowing you are not exactly the only renter here. About 49% of the houses here are renter occupied. Check out neighborhoods near Route 92 and East Choctaw Drive for good renting options.
  • Plenty of vacancies! As you search for a home, take note that the vacancy rate is about 11%, leaving you with lots of options. You can find homes for rent or sale, as well as rent to own houses, near East Chief Joseph Drive and Route 92.
  • Reasonable housing costs! You will find that the median home cost of $158,000 and median rent of $855 are both on par with the national average for housing costs. Start looking for your dream home near East Ramsey Road and South Moson Road.
  • Golf courses! Like most Arizona cities, Sierra Vista and the surrounding areas have some great golf courses. Pueblo Del Sol Country Club has 18 holes and a par of 72. In nearby Fort Huachuca, you will find Mountain View Golf Course, which has the same number of holes and par.
  • Delicious places to eat! Sierra Vista has a good number of eateries of all kinds. Enjoy a nice steak and some rolls with cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse, or get a taste of the East Coast at Vinny's New York Pizza. If you prefer to stick with Southwestern cuisine, The Mesquite Tree's slightly spicy steaks should fill you up.
  • City parks! Arizona has great weather for the majority of the year, allowing you a chance to check out the parks you live by. As long as the temperature is under about 90 degrees, you can spend a great day at Chaparral Village Park or Veteran's Memorial Park.
  • Sierra Vista Aquatic Center! This has been nicknamed "The Cove," and it is one of the most popular attractions in this city. After all, it features a giant wave pool that doubles as a lap pool, a warm water therapy area with jets, a diving pool and more. You can also sign up for the Aqua Cardio class to get a workout.
  • Citywide events! If you want to live somewhere with a good sense of community, Sierra Vista is a great choice. Just a few of the events here include Summer Concerts in the Park and Movies in the Park, both of which take place at Veteran's Memorial Park.