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  • Located on the border between California and Arizona, Yuma has a beautiful desert landscape that sits next to the roaring Colorado River. Chosen originally for its location at the narrowest part of the river, Yuma has expanded to an impressive 94,064 people. An astounding 85,000 retirees maintain winter residences here, since the mild winter season is particularly appealing for older folks who don't care for shoveling snow. There is also a large military contingency, with the Marine Corps Air Station in the county. Yuma enjoys a low cost of living, which brings in families and young folks at all income levels, resulting in a diverse population. The rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks also attract history buffs, along with those who simply desire a charming spot to settle down and raise a family.

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Top Reasons to Live in Yuma AZ

  • Housing Statistics Yuma was hit dramatically by the housing market crash. Since home values are still trying to recover, it's the perfect time to pick up an inexpensive residence that will eventually flourish in better times. The average home price in 2013 between January and March was $116,246, much less expensive than many parts of the country. The median price was $94,732 for the same time period. Yuma experienced a population surge of 3 percent since 2010, so more people are taking advantage of the affordable market. Currently, 44 percent of homes are owned, 28 percent are rented and 28 percent are vacant. This is an unusually high rate of vacancy, but it allows buyers a wealth of options to find the perfect home. For those hoping to own a home but not yet in a position to purchase, renting to own may be the perfect solution. Rent to own houses allow families to invest in property without wasting money on a rental.
  • Local Restaurants There is a wide selection of tasty eateries in Yuma, from the downtown area to the more remote locations. Fine dining and inexpensive quick bites are equally available, and locals love to eat out as often as they stay home. The Das Bratwurst Haus is a German-style pub that features schnitzels, potato salad, and a variety of German beers. It's extremely popular with locals. For Mexican fare, Tacos Mi Rancho is known for its carne asada and tacos, though the daily specials are often the best choice. River City Grill offers classic American food made hot off the grill, while Ironwood Steak House is an upscale dining establishment with fine cuts of meat and high quality seafood.
  • Nightlife Yuma tends to be a bit sleepy once the sun goes down, as many of the folks who live here are either retirees or families that don't frequent bars or clubs very often. However, there are still options for those raring to go. Strummer's Village Tavern not only has a full bar, several beers on tap and great food, but it also has live music. Pop a Top Saloon has karaoke and billiards, while Club Pulse is the lone dance club, with a DJ, dance floor and drink specials.
  • Neighborhoods in Yuma Yuma is a popular location for just about any type of person, from the very young to the very retired. Though the home values have sagged, the likelihood of a comeback is certain, and it's best to purchase a new home while sales are in the buyer's favor. Inexpensive housing, low cost of living and plentiful amenities make Yuma a fantastic place to settle. Yuma has several small areas, some of which include the following: