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  • Carson, California, is well known as an industrial center, but it is also a community with a high level of cultural diversity. With more than 120 acres of parkland, this city of close to 95,000 has excellent recreational and sports facilities. Carson is also only twenty miles from Los Angeles, which makes it a great place to raise a family outside the major hustle and bustle of California's biggest city.

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  • Housing StatisticsThe median household income in Carson is roughly $72,000. Recent house sales average near $350,000, with median prices of not much lower at $335,000. The area sees monthly sales numbers that are often between 250 and 300 houses sold. As of the 2010 US Census, just over 19,500 (77%) homes in Carson were owner-occupied, while a little under 6,000 (23%) were renter-occupied. In addition, the vacancy rate for homeowners was 1.3%, while for renters it was 3.7%.
  • Weather and ClimateThe climate in Carson is similar to what you'll experience in the LA Basin. You will have warm Mediterranean type temperatures throughout the summer. However, due to the proximity of the city to the Pacific Ocean, summer temperatures are often cooler than areas further in from the coast. Carson doesn't see much rain during the summer, but it gets enough to avoid the area becoming arid and desert-like. The city experiences the interesting weather phenomenon known as 'June Gloom' during the late spring period, where early foggy and misty conditions almost invariably turn to bright sunshine by the time the afternoon sets in. All in all, Carson is a good spot to look for homes for sales or rent to own properties if you're looking for a temperate climate.
  • Local RestaurantsCarson has great restaurants to suit all tastes, from Italian to Mexican and French to classic All-American steaks! If it's southern style cooking that you really love, R & R Soul Food is where it's at. It may be small, but it's really popular in the city, partly because of its great home-cooked feel, and partly because of its friendly and welcoming staff. Rosario's Italian is a good option for big pizzas, while the El Pescador Bar and Grill is unmatched for its Mexican Food. All in all, you're going to have a wealth of options to sink your teeth into when you get into town!
  • Tourist AttractionsCarson is home to California State University, which is one of the most diverse universities in the US. It also plays host to the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Team at the Home Depot Center. In addition, the Home Depot Center is home to the national soccer team. Carson is also home to the International Printing Museum, while the city also has some history relating to zeppelins and blimps, with the famous Goodyear Blimp having its own landing pad in the city.
  • Largest Employers and IndustriesCarson has a long history in the oil industry. There were once 350 oil derricks sprawled across the countryside. The oil boom in the area led to a subsequent boom in population as people moved to the area with their families for work. These days, BP West Coast remains the largest employer in the area, with more than 1,200 workers. Carson is home to many major brands in a range of industries. These include 352 employees for Pepsi and 388 employees for AT&T California.