Rent to Own Homes near Covina, CA

  • Built on Coffee! Covina was named for its natural "cove" that surrounded an area of vineyards planted by early pioneers, but it occupies the site of an early coffee plantation. In the early years of the 20th Century, though, it was built on oranges and grapefruit and at one point was the center of agricultural production and shipping for the entire valley.

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Top 10 Reasons to Live in Covina

  • One Mile Square! Yes, it's tiny. Its first motto was "One Square Mile and All There" and it held the dubious distinction of being the smallest incorporated city in the country. Located in the San Gabriel Valley in California, it's still small today, but it has grown to about 7 square miles. The orange groves have been mostly replaced by homes; in 2010, there were about 16,500 residential units, about 60% of them owner occupied.
  • Find What You Want. Covina Parks and Recreation Department has taken on the job of helping citizens get healthier, and offers a wide variety of classes and exercise opportunities at 9 separate parks. You can find active or passive sports and recreational facilities throughout the city. Play horseshoes at Covina Park or paddleball at Kahler Russell Park, or visit the Sister City Xalapa and World War II Memorial Monuments at Jobe's Glen at Jalapa Park. You can also walk, run, swim or play softball, or enjoy xeriscape gardens at other locations.
  • Act Up! The Covina Center for the Performing Arts has a varied schedule of cultural programs each year, ranging from musical revues to murder mystery dinner theater. Another attraction is a "mega movie," a 30 screen theater built on the site of a former Sears store. That's entertainment!
  • Above Average. Home prices in Covina are higher than the national average, though by California standards they are not. It is possible to find rent to own homes in any of its 15 neighborhoods. The little city has a pleasing mix of different size houses, historic bungalows and modern condos, and even boasts new mixed use developments.
  • Good Air Quality! For a city of its size, just under 50,000, Covina residents tend to use public transportation to a higher degree than normal, and that contributes to better than average air quality and less road congestion. Covina residents also use their computers more than 95% of other citizens, according to one report!
  • So-Cal Lifestyle! The lifestyle here is casual, healthy, outdoorsy and natural. Average per capita income in 2010 was listed at a little over $105,000; the median home price is $404,000, up 21% from last year, and the median rent price is $1,725. You can find rent to own houses, but you may have to do some serious homework!
  • A Modern Mix. There are plenty of farmstands and farmers markets to visit as well as local wineries and craft beer breweries. There are also upscale dining establishments and luxury spas and retreats available for weekend getaways. For getting further afield, access to the Ontario Airport is relatively easy.
  • Multi-use Zoning. Modern residential housing is being built adjacent to Covina's historic downtown area, and can be very inviting for rent to own opportunities. Two new developments will offer almost 100 condos close to transit in the exciting redevelopment area, at prices ranging upwards from about $200,000. Such mixed-use options are very popular today.
  • Study History. The Firehouse Jail Museum will introduce you to the history of the area, and you can also visit the Heritage Museum. If you're more interested in modern life, though, you can sample the phenomenal In 'N Out Burgers at the local gathering spot.