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  • Founded as a railroad town in the late 19th century, Fullerton, California, rapidly grew during the early 1900s as a result of its rich petroleum resources. The Landmark Plaza Building on N Harbor Blvd is one of the oldest in Fullerton, dating back to 1904. While originally occupied by the Farmers and Merchants Bank - which was eventually incorporated by Bank of America - this historical landmark is now home to a number of businesses. Meanwhile, the most famous Fullerton native is Gwen Stefani, who regularly performed in the city with her band No Doubt during their formative years as part of a wider Orange County music scene that also included The Offspring.

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  • Housing StatisticsThroughout 2012 the price of residential property rose quite steadily in Fullerton. In Q1 2012 the average sales price of a home was $393,000 but by Q4 2012 this had risen to $469,000. Meanwhile the median sales price went up even more dramatically from $355,000 to $452,000. Perhaps because of these high prices only 50% of residents own their homes, which is below the national average. In Fullerton, 45% of homes are rentals and 5% of those are vacant. While the number of vacant properties is quite low, a residential turnover rate of 20% ensures a steady stream of new homes on the market. People who cannot afford to buy a home outright may be interested in rent to own homes.
  • Local Sports The source of the city's proudest sporting success is the Cal State Fullerton Titans baseball team, who have won four national championships, the most recent in 2004. Supporters are richly rewarded by a team that has had a winning season every year since they started competing in NCAA Division I in 1975. Fans watch their home games at Goodwin Field on the university's campus near the eastern border. Other college sports include men and women's basketball, track and field, golf and cross country, while the men also compete at wrestling.
  • Local Shopping The Brea Mall is just outside Fullerton's city limits in neighboring Brea. Here you'll find the usual suspects - large department stores, national fashion brands, and fast food restaurants to help you keep your energy up during a marathon shopping spree. For a more unique experience head to Downtown Fullerton. Anatomic Rag and Geez Louise are two stores with a trove of vintage clothing, while Out of Vogue also has a carefully chosen selection of vintage artwork and furniture. Heading to Downtown Fullerton isn't exclusively a throwback to the past, though. Second Avenue is just one of the stores in the neighborhood offering modern fashion with designer labels at a discount. If you have a unique style you might be well served by Ipso Facto, a fashion store siding towards the gothic, while Nothing Shocking stocks punk clothing, accessories and an eclectic range of body piercings.
  • Nightlife The Continental Room is a favorite amongst many of the locals for the carefree spirit of the patrons and the all-night party atmosphere, but for others the dance floor is too cramped, leading to crushed feet. Nevertheless, dance club fans at least have to give it a try. InCahoots is also a dancing club but with a playlist that is comprised almost entirely of country songs. Free dance lessons throughout the week ensure that even if your line dancing is a little bit rusty you'll soon be right in the swing of things. If you consider yourself more of a singer than a dancer, Ziller Karaoke has you covered. Those who just want a decent drink should check out the Twisted Vine wine bar or the Pint House.
  • Outdoor Activities Laguna Lake lies at the north of the city and provides a beautiful backdrop for a number of outdoor activities. Bring your fishing rod and catch some lunch or go jogging around the lake's edge. The trail is also great for cycling, but the onsite equestrian center means that a horse can be just as valid a form of transport. Meanwhile Chapman Park right on the city's eastern limit has a children's climbing wall and facilities to play a number of sports, including basketball, baseball and soccer.