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  • Whittier, California, takes its name from the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, though he never visited the location during his lifetime. The city is a suburb of Los Angeles and is located to the southeast of the metropolitan area. Most famous for growing walnuts, Whittier also once had a booming citrus crop, but it has since been displaced largely for new development. In the 1980s, an earthquake destroyed a lot of the buildings in city. During the process of demolishing and rebuilding the city, citizens of Whittier formed the Whittier Conservancy to protect historic buildings and residences in the future.

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  • Housing StatisticsThe housing industry is solid in Whittier. The real estate market averages two hundred new listings per month with a median home sale price of $365,000. The average home sale price is just over $480,000. Within the city limits, a little over half of the homes are owned, so there are plenty rentals and rent to own options available. Around 40% of the market is exclusively rental. Whittier's vacancy rate of 4% is lower than the national average by a significant amount, so you may have to look hard for the right property.
  • NightlifeWhittier is a suburb of L.A, so it goes without saying that the nightlife is vibrant in this city. Local bars and clubs are tailored to meet a wide variety of tastes. One of the most popular destinations in Whittier is Lost Weekend. It's located in the southern part of town, with $20 All You Can Drink specials and great music all night long. The Lounge Ultra Bar also is a good place for dancing. It has Disco Retro nights every Saturday.
  • WeatherThe climate here is remarkably stable and relatively mild. The average high is in the 80s and the lows are no lower than the 40s. This is California, after all, and it is beautiful almost every day. Rainfall is scarce for the entire region, so Whittier does have a tendency to dry out. In the summer, enjoy the many shopping outlets or take a very short drive the the most beautiful beaches around.
  • Local RestaurantsOne of the bonuses for living in such a diverse area is the abundance of world flavors right at your doorstep. Whittier has samples of every major culture in the world represented within a ten mile radius. For Mediterranean food, Phlight near Central Park is a popular choice for both its ambience and tapas menu. If Mexican is more to your liking, Arturo's on Leffingwell is your best bet.
  • Local SportsFor pro sports, you're going to have to drive into the big city. The Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and Dodgers all play near here. Whittier itself enjoys a set of local teams organized by the recreation department, as well a number of high school teams that compete in the area.