Rent to Own Homes near Pueblo West, CO

  • Pueblo West is a relatively new community, which translates to plenty of new housing and neighborhoods that are expanding very quickly. Still, the city manages to offer plenty of opportunities without being overpopulated. People looking for a quiet Colorado escape might just find themselves quite at home here. With Pueblo and Colorado Springs as neighbors, plenty of dining, shopping, and outdoor activities are available just around the corner.

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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Pueblo West, CO

  • Home values are on an upswing! The median sales price of homes increased by a whopping 17.7% between 2013 and 2014. With more than 700 home on the market in November 2014, Pueblo West offers a tremendous amount of opportunity for first time home buyers and veteran investors alike to buy property while the value is steadily increasing. Look for houses along Purcell Blvd or E. Linda Ave.
  • Wildlife abounds! A wide range of wildlife make their homes in the short grass prairies that surround the Pueblo West neighborhoods. Many animals live in the nearby Lake Pueblo State Park, while others make their way from nearby Pueblo. Residents of West Pueblo often find hares, red foxes, scaled quails, coyotes, and other creatures wandering into their backyards. Check out these critters in their natural habitats at the Pueblo West Campground and Arena. The abundance of wildlife in this Colorado town makes it ideal for anyone who loves to commune with nature.
  • Enjoy living in a brand new property! Of the more than 700 properties available for sale in this community, many of them are new builds. From foundation to fixtures, these homes offer the chance to live in a brand new home. Many rent to own homes and new properties are sitting conveniently near U.S. Route 50 and U.S. Route 87.
  • Waterfront promenade! Just a short distance from Pueblo West is the city of Pueblo, which is home to the Pueblo Riverwalk. Sitting on the banks of the beautiful Arkansas River, the Riverwalk covers more than 30 acres and is open to the public. Riverboat tours are available seasonally, and a network of trails are open year round. For local water sites, visit the Cattail Trails near the Desert Hawk Golf Course.
  • Opportunities for higher education! Pueblo West positions residents within an easy commute of two local colleges. Pueblo Community College and Colorado State University are both nearby; Pueblo offer dozens of degree programs between them.
  • Inviting lake activities! Lake Pueblo has almost 1,000 acres of land along its shores. The water covers a total of 4,600 acres. Beginning Memorial Day each year, Swim Beach opens to local recreational swimmers, and throughout the year the trails surrounding the lake offer a chance for jogging and biking.