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Top 6 Reasons to Live in Naugatuck, CT

  • Since its inception, the town of Naugatuck in south-central Connecticut has housed farms, mills and even the Peter Paul candy factory, the Hershey's chocolate outpost that produced Almond Joy and Mounds. Manufacturing and rubber plants, which produced Uniroyal tires and Keds sneakers, were also staples of the community whose industrial side has been featured in films such as Engine Trouble and War of the Worlds.

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  • Outdoor adventure awaits! Solace is afforded to locals at numerous city parks that include Hop Brook Lane where residents can kayak, canoe, fish and enjoy the scenery. At Naugatuck State Forest, locals spend afternoons hiking, biking, climbing and snowmobiling by nearby ponds and colonial-era stone walls.
  • Hunt for ghosts! This old town is made up of historic and fabled landmarks. Take a camera and head to Gunntown Cemetery, where it's rumored that spirits show up as orbs on film and children's laughter invades and vanishes upon approaching certain grave sites. If you need professional services to lend a hand in your quest, contact Paranormal Ghost Hunters, Inc. and share your sneaking suspicions about those bumps in the night.
  • Affordable housing options! Look to neighborhoods of Union City or Platts Mills for reasonably priced rent to own homes. The average median cost of houses here is $175,672, which is less expensive than 46.8 percent of the homes nationwide. Living in this community will place you within range of the Hop Brook golf course as well as Highway 8 and Union City Road.
  • Historic buildings are plentiful! Those interested in rent to own properties with charm and a story to match can find what they seek in the Millville area, where many homes were built before 1939. The Naugatuck Center Historic District is just blocks from the river and includes facades that add to the allure of the community. Landmarks include St. Michael's Episcopal Church, The Naugatuck Savings Bank and the gorgeous Bronson B. Tuttle House.
  • Jumpstart your day with a great meal! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in town you'll find diners dedicated to serving it up warm and delicious. Head to Burnsies, where locals order an omelet and fresh-brewed coffee, or stop by The FMD and CC for a quick sausage, egg and cheese biscuit when you need a quick sandwich before work.
  • Imbibe at a local pub! When in need of a swig, residents flock to Angels and Kings to enjoy a drink and some live music or to the Corner Tavern, which serves craft brew by the pint or flight.