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Top 3 Reasons to Live in Orange Connecticut

  • Originally bartered from Native Americans in the area for a kettle, 24 knives, 12 small mirrors, 10 blankets, 12 hatchets, six coats and 12 hoes in 1639, the town of Orange was once part of the adjacent city of Milford. In 1822, though, residents in the area decided that their population was large enough to form their own community. In a bit of irony, however, 1921 saw Orange lose its southeast portion when the city of West Haven was created.

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  • Great homes with high values! Moving to Orange is a great investment for those looking at rent to own houses or who already have a mortgage and are ready to go. This is because, even in the wake of the economic recession that began in 2008, the Orange housing market has managed to maintain its value. In fact, the home values in the town are nearly double the national average. With a nearly five percent increase in valuations in the last decade, those making investments in real estate may also see their houses' values rise. So whether you live adjacent to Interstate 95 or in the pristine Race Brook Country Club area, you're making a great investment in sought-after real estate.
  • Tons of community gatherings! It's always a little difficult to move into a new area, but Orange makes it pretty simple to meet new people. In a tradition that stretches back to 1898, for instance, you can attend the Orange Country Fair and meet your neighbors over a tractor pull. Better yet, head over to the Orange Volunteer Fireman's Carnival to support the local fire department. Or go over to Orange Center Road and sign up for the volunteer fire department to show that you really care about the community.
  • High home ownership rates! One of the most telling statistics related to an area is the ownership rate of houses in the area. Areas that are more sought after have higher rates because people are more willing to make a long-term commitment to the area. This also results in neighbors who strive to keep a community nice. This rate in America is right around 57 percent, but in Orange, the ownership rate is over 82 percent. This is very telling, and only about five percent of homes are vacant. This means that your neighbors adjacent to the Housatonic River all the way to West Haven's city line are likely to become longtime friends. What better attraction could an area have?