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Top Reasons Why District of Columbia is a perfect place to buy a Rent to Own

  • Georgetown, duh! Georgetown has been one of "the" neighborhoods in the District of Columbia since its founding in 1751. The epicenter of this community is Wisconsin and M streets, where high-end restaurants, shopping and nightlife can all be found. It's also the home of Georgetown University, a 102-acre campus filled with wonderful Gothic architecture. If you move your household to Georgetown, you may find an ambassador or media mogul as your neighbor.
  • History! History! History! The District of Columbia is not only a vibrant economic and government center, it is also home to some of the nation's finest treasures. Residents and property owners benefit from the robust trade as tourists flock to sites such as the Washington Monument, the National Archives and the United States Mint.
  • Who needs a car? Escape the insane district traffic by taking the Washington, DC metro system. Opened in 1976, the metro rail network includes 106 miles of track on five lines with 86 stations. The Metro is the second-largest public transportation system in the United States, second only to the Big Apple's subway system. Safe and reliable, residents and visitors to the District of Columbia rely on the Metro for both business and personal travel through the Capital Region.

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Top 20 Reasons to Live in District of Columbia

  • Historical homes equals beauty! The District of Columbia is home to a dazzling array of historical houses. From fully renovated mansions in Dupont Circle to row houses in neighborhoods such as Columbia Heights that are experiencing an economic renaissance, house-hunters can find property and homes for sale in their price range.
  • The Smithsonian: "America's Attic" is a complex of 19 museums and research centers open every day except for Christmas. From the Hope Diamond at the Museum of National History to the NASA displays at the Air and Space Museum, admission is always free. With its year-round programs and displays, this treasure is one of the highlights of living in the District of Columbia.
  • Circling around Dupont! The "old city" area of Washington, DC, Dupont Circle was part of Pierre L'Enfant's original city design. Today, even though the area is a modern commercial area, Massachusetts Avenue is home to some of the grandest homes in the area. House-hunters looking for townhouses or homes for sale in this area will pay above the median price, but will see their property values increase or remain stable. Home to the British Embassy and the Blaine Mansion, Dupont Circle is a prime destination in DC.
  • PANDAmonium: Part of the Smithsonian complex, the zoological park is one of the oldest in the United States. A haven for endangered species, the National Zoo is home to one of the world's most successful panda breeding programs. District residents delight in being part of "panda watches" when the zoo is waiting for a new cub. And, as part of the Smithsonian community, admission is always free.
  • Culture, culture, culture! The District is a series of neighborhoods, each with a unique culture and flavor. From the elegance of Georgetown and Dupont Circle to the funky fun of Chinatown, the district is a series of eight wards, each with its own government representatives. When looking for homes for sale or rent, consider the atmosphere of the entire ward.
  • Chinatown (minus Nicholson): Enter through the Friendship Archway on H Street and enjoy Chinatown. Two dozen restaurants and small locally owned businesses are the heart of the properties that are on the National Historical Register.
  • Amazing Nightlife! Washington, DC works long hard hours and is ready to let off some steam when the sun goes down. Bars range from elegant to eclectic, fine to funky. Grab a martini on M Street in Georgetown or a beer in the sports bars around Capitol Mall. The Metro runs until 3 a.m. on the weekends, so there is no excuse not to have a good time.
  • Townhouse Living: The real estate listings in Washington DC will be heavy on townhouses. By hunting for townhouses for sale or rent to own, a buyer can not only expand their options, but also experience the unique flavor of DC townhouses. Tall and narrow, many facing onto quiet tree-lined streets, townhouses are perfect for the high-energy, fast-paced DC lifestyle with very little yard work and easy access to the Metro.
  • Thriving Cultural Diversity: DC is home to a vibrant multi-cultural business environment. The percentage of businesses owned by minorities and women well out-paces the rest of the country. The statistically higher incomes of DC residents and demand for services is a rich climate for aspiring non-traditional business owners.
  • Home Prices and Home Values are Growing: The District of Columbia has seen robust growth in home prices and value. DC has seen an 8 percent increase in home value with no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Supply is tight, but great deals can still be found on homes for sale and rent to own houses.
  • Low Overall Tax Burden: The District of Columbia has an overall tax burden, by percentage of income and property value, that is in the lower third when compared to the rest of the nation. Sales taxes are significantly lower than most other jurisdictions.
  • The Capitol Mall: Extending from the United States Capitol building on one end to the Lincoln Memorial on the other, the Capitol Mall is both a greenspace for outdoor recreation and a living museum of the nation's history. Take the Metro to the Smithsonian stop and climb the stairs to the heartbeat of America. Tourists from around the world, businessmen enjoying the sun, military personnel on their way to meetings and assignments, you can see it all on the Capitol Mall.
  • Sidestreet Surpises: Away from the dazzling government buildings and historical monuments are an array of sidestreet oddities. For example, hang on and take a ride on the longest escalator in the western hemisphere. The moving stairway at the Wheaton metro station takes over three minutes to climb a dizzying 200 feet. Horror movie fans can check out the creepy "Exorcist Stairs" and house where scenes from the iconic film were shot.
  • Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! With a mall for every taste and budget, the District is shopping nirvana. Hit the trendy shops in the Penn Quarter near the Verizon Center or shop for fresh produce and local crafts at the Eastern Market on your way to the high style shopping at Union Station.
  • The White House: America's house has come a long way from the days when the first lady hung laundry in the libraries on rainy days. The home of the president and a museum of American history and style, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the top property in the District of Columbia housing inventory.
  • Living in the Middle of the Action: Living in the district means your home is at the epicenter of the country. You are part of a community that thrives on action and information with a grapevine that works at the speed of light. Even the quiet streets lined with stately rowhouses on Capitol Hill buzz with the energy that permeates DC. If you are coming to the District of Columbia as part of a project or administration, there is a rental home that puts you minutes from the action. Check out the Watergate for rental living that combines history with convenience.
  • The Climate: While summer in the swampy tidal basin can be miserable, overall the weather in Washington, DC is quite mild. From the delightful spring that brings out the cherry blossoms on the mall, to the cool breezy fall days, the climate suits the always on-the-move atmosphere of DC neighborhoods.