Rent to Own Homes near Cape Coral, FL

  • Sitting on a peninsula in the heart of the Gulf Coast, Cape Coral has the distinction of being the largest city in southwest Florida. Those looking to buy or rent a property in this town have a lot of ground to cover, and will find themselves with no shortage of neighbors. Nature lovers will appreciate the sights of Pine Island Sound and Cayo Costa State Park, located to the west just over the water. Those interested in urban development will find the estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford in neighboring Fort Myers to the east.

Check out over 300 Cape Coral, FL rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top Reasons to Live in Cape Coral FL

  • Housing StatisticsCape Coral made headlines recently for its strong housing market despite the downward trend of the rest of the state. Perhaps the appeal of a home near the water, untouched by snow made a greater impact than anticipated, but the properties in this town are in demand and available for a price. The average sales price for a home in Cape Coral was $300,618 overall in 2011, with single-family homes available at an average of $312,667 and townhomes reaching $242,439. The gross rent for properties in this area was at an average of $1,008, but only 18% of properties in the area were renter-occupied. Those looking to rent a property or rent to own may be at a disadvantage here, especially with only 11% of properties in Cape Coral being vacant. This market is geared in favor of owner-occupied homes.
  • TransportationA form of public transportation does exist in Cape Coral and services the entire county. LeeTran passes are as inexpensive as $1.25 for a one-way pass, $3.50 for an all-day pass, or $35 for an unlimited 30-day pass. There are public buses and more stylish trolleys with fixed routes, and both options are handicapped accessible. A downside to this is the fixed routes mainly serve the more recently developed areas of town in the southern half and the county seat of Fort Myers. If your home is in the northern part of town, or if you happen to be still house hunting, it is recommended that you provide your own transportation. But if you do happen to be looking to live somewhere with a more urban atmosphere, this transit system will provide you with another way to move around the county, especially if you need to commute to nearby Fort Myers or wish to see the sights on a more regular basis. It could be cheaper than filling up your tank!
  • Local ShoppingCape Coral has its fair share of shopping centers, all anchored by well-known retailers. The Coral Shore Shops and the Pine Island Marketplace, both located on opposite ends of Pine Island Road, are popular options for shopping. For grocery shopping, Publix is a popular go-to store for food throughout the southeastern United States, and there are several to be found within the city limits. Two of them also sit on Pine Island Road, with another on Cape Coral Parkway.
  • Arts and CultureThe town hosts its own annual art festival in the middle of January, with free admission and free parking. If you happen to be house hunting in this time of year, there is no better way to explore the local art and culture scene. Exhibitors show off their expertise in every field of art from fashion and jewelry to pottery and photography. Photographer Lee-Margaret Borland displays a mix of black-and-white and vibrant color pictures, all depicting her interpretation of moments in time. Meanwhile, Fred Albrecht and his cheekily named company, The Corker, produce unique enameled and painted bottle stoppers that can command more attention than what's in your vintage wine bottle.
  • Nightlife In spite of the big-box retailers that dominate Cape Coral's local shopping scene, the bar and restaurants available in the town provide no shortage of locally owned and operated options. Popular choices in the area are Asian cuisine, specifically sushi and Thai restaurants, and the ever-present pizza shop. Seafood is also a viable option for dinnertime, with Cape Coral sitting so conveniently close to the Gulf, perfect for enjoying the beachside staple with rum.