Rent to Own Homes near Fountainebleau, FL

  • Affordable real estate. No matter whether you are on a budget or just like a great deal, this town has home prices that will make you smile. Fontainebleau's median real estate prices are around $128,476. This is more affordable than 66% of the neighborhoods in Florida. Try homes along West Flagler Street and Northwest 97th Avenue for the best value.

Check out over 300 Fountainebleau, FL rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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14 Reasons to Live in Fountanebleau, FL

  • Rent is more affordable, too. You are bound to find a deal when looking for rental property in this town. Average rental prices in Fountainebleau are a low $1,321 per month. This is lower than 38% of neighborhoods in Florida. Start your search on Northwest 87th Avenue or Northwest 8th for rent to own homes.
  • Small is where it's at. If you like a small, cozy place to call home, then Fountainebleau is for you. 98.8% of the real estate is small studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom homes or rentals. Be sure to check out rent to own living areas and apartments on Fountainebleau Boulevard and Northwest 12th.
  • Newer homes. Most of the homes in Fountainebleau were built after the 1970's. This means that you will have a larger choice of newer homes to purchase. With a 14.4% vacancy rate, you will have plenty to choose from.
  • The commute is brief. With Miami only a 19-minute drive from Fountainebleau using the Dolphin Expressway, this town is an ideal location for those who work in Miami. Most people that live in apartments or rent to own houses in Fountainebleau take 30 to 45 minutes to commute to work. The closest neighborhoods to the city run along Highway 973 and Highway 968 near the Parkeast Condo Association and Radio Miami International.
  • A culinary experience awaits. Want a different food experience every night for months to come? Then Fountainebleau has you covered. There are dozens of eateries to choose from, including Shilla Korean Restaurant, Royal Tai and the Pasta Factory Company.
  • Some things stay the same. Don't like change? The population growth for Fountainebleau is only .4%. This means that if you move into a roomy neighborhood on, say West Flagler or Grand Canal, you won't need to worry about it becoming overcrowded in the future.
  • Stay warm, all year long. Cold weather got you down? You never have to deal with cold weather in Fountainebleau. It stays above 60 degrees all year, and usually never gets warmer than 90 degrees. Fountainebleau also gets no snow... ever. This gives you more time to fish or play some water sports at Blue Lake or Lake Mahar. Blue Lake is touted as an excellent place to wakeboard, in fact, and fishermen will love the brook trout and cutthroat fingerlings found in area.
  • Rain lovers will fall for Fountainebleau. This is one of the wettest towns in the nation. It receives almost twice as much rain as the national average, and gets over 20 inches of rain in the summer season alone. Some places to visit and stay dry are the Beach Club or Fritanga Monimbo.
  • Save some gas and take the train. If you are looking for a greener way to travel, then just grab the next train. The Fountainebleau area has several Amtrak stations, including the Miami Transit Station, the 37 Avenue station and the Hollywood Boulevard station.
  • It's a great place to golf. Fountainebleau is a very green city, but nowhere is it greener than the Cypress Lake Country Club and Fountainebleau Golf Course. You can become a member or simply hit 18 holes whenever you fancy.
  • Shop 'til you drop. There are three large shopping centers in the Fountainebleau area. You can find anything under the sun at the Midway Mall, La Fogata Mall of Americas or the Flagler Park Plaza Shopping Center.
  • Nature buffs will have plenty of places to relax. You can eat a picnic at Glades Road Park or go for a leisurely stroll at Fountainebleau Park.
  • There are tons of places to take in the arts. Culture is a very important part of life for Fountainebleau residents. Dozens of galleries are located in the Fountainebleau area. Some of them include InStudio, Inc., Gallery 77 Inc. and the Artist Portfolio Fine Arts. There are also several art museums, such as the Lowe Art Museum.