Rent to Own Homes near Margate, FL

  • Location. Between Coral Springs and Pompano Beach, along Highway 814, only a short drive from Boca Raton, you'll find the town of Margate. Easy access to three great cities while avoiding the high cost and traffic congestion. If you're looking for a home to own in the area, you'll be in good company; about 63% of homes in Margate are owned.

Check out over 300 Margate, FL rent to own homes for sale, which may include auction properties, for sale by owner, and more.

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Top 11 Reasons to Live in Margate

  • Miami Beach. If you want to spend your days on the beach without paying the high price for a Miami Beach apartment, Margate is a great choice. Jump in your car in Margate, 45 minutes later you're on Miami Beach. Want to have your car tuned up so it can make the drive? Check out Margate Auto Center and Ed's Auto Repair.
  • Cruise hub. While no cruises leave from Margate, they do depart from three ports within a 3.5 hour drive or less. The ports in Tampa, Canaveral and Miami are hubs for all the major cruise lines and Margate provides easy access to all three. Buy bathing suits for your cruise at Xtreme Swimwear and Swimwear 360 in town.
  • Affordable homes. Unlike Florida hot spots like Orlando and Miami, there are lots of affordable homes in Margate. There are even rent to own houses to choose from. Look in neighborhoods like Fair Gate and City Center. If you want to find a house, the vacancy rate in town is about 12%
  • Night life. The night life in Miami is so hot there's no end to the songs about it. If that's your scene, it's only 45 minutes away. But you don't have to deal with the noise and traffic when your home is in Margate. Want to go out in town? Check out Jesse's Xtreme Sports Bar or Billy's Pub.
  • Beaches. When you just want to relax on the beach without all the hype of Miami, Pompano Beach is only 15 minutes away. Buy some nice beach towels at Anna's Linens or BBJ Linen. Want to rent near the beach? About 25% of homes here are rentals, so you won't be the only one!
  • Great city government. The city government of Margate offers easy access to public services through their website. Lots of small towns have a website, but few make it as easy to find what you need as Margate. Enjoy public services, like parks Winfield Park and Legacy Park.
  • Canal system. Some parts of Margate, like Fort Lauderdale, has a significant canal system. This allows some resident to keep a boat on a private dock at their home and use the canals to make their way to the ocean. Get supplies for your boat at Star Marine Depot or Claire's Marine Outfitters.
  • Range of housing options. From condos to single-unit homes to downtown apartments, Margate has a housing option for everyone. There are even rent to own homes in the area. Look at complexes like Gables San Remo and Coral Falls. If you want to rent, expect to pay $973 per month for a one bedroom, on average.
  • Sun and surf. Florida is known for sunny days and Margate is close enough to the beach for you to take up surfing. This makes for a great mix of outdoor activities and water sports. Enjoy parks like Southgate Park or private clubs like Oriole Golf and Tennis Club.
  • Seafood. Being so close to the beach, fresh seafood is available in abundance in Margate. Eat at Santos Modern American Buffet or Blue Moon Fish Co. Find yourself a rent to own property nearby to be closer to all the delicious seafood.