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  • A part of Brevard County Florida, Palm Bay was listed in Forbes Magazine as the 11th most innovative city in the country in 2010. This could be because the city's employment base has become highly technological over the last few years. NASDAQ and the American Electronics Association have ranked the county as 8th in the nation in regards to the percentage of high tech professionals that can be found there. Satellite and space launch engineers, as well as health care providers, make up a large percentage of the city's employment base.

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  • Housing Statistics If looking for a rent to own home in Palm Bay, here are some statistics to keep in mind. Over the last few years the average sale price for a home or condo in the city is $125,490, whilst the median home sale price has been $145,800. Palm Bay's housing inventory reads as follows: 5% of the homes in the city are rented. 30% of all homes are vacant and 65% of the homes that are occupied are owned. The city's annual residential turnover presently stands at 10%.
  • Arts and CulturePalm Bay is full of great cultural experiences. The ever popular Brevard Symphony Orchestra can usually be found playing at the Maxwell King Performing Arts Center. In addition, the Performing Arts Center also acts as main stage for comedians, pop stars and plays. Another popular hangout is Lou's Blues in Indialantic. It is often referred to as a home away from home by several jazz and blues musicians. The city's smaller venues like the Henegar Center and Melbourne Auditorium offer a cozy, up close and personal feeling with their shows.
  • Outdoor Activities Palm Bay, also known as the Space Coast, offers an abundance of outdoor activities for its residents. With the temperature averaging about 72 degrees, most entertainment takes place outside where one can enjoy the sunshine. Palm Bay is home to 37 golf courses. Boating, water sports and tennis are other outdoor activities that visitors are welcome to take part in. Largemouth bass are quite common in the Palm Bay Marsh and St. Johns River, and sports fishermen love to see how many they can catch.
  • School SystemsPalm Bay is home to a large amount of quality elementary and secondary schools. The city boasts fourteen public elementary schools in all. There are also five religious based private schools. Southwest Middle School, a public school, stands alone as the only middle school in the city, but there are three public high schools. However, Palm Bay High School can actually be found within the city limits of Melbourne. Five institutions of higher education to be found within Palm Bay as well.
  • Transportation and CommutesPalm Bay is divided and surrounded by a network of major roads, allowing easy access for drivers who want to travel around or in and out of the city. In a push to become greener and to reduce air pollution, there is a program in operation which works to offer commuters other transportation alternatives than simply driving to work by themselves. Space Coast Consumer Assistance, also known as the SCCA, has worked to develop park and ride locations, a Vanpool leasing Program, fixed bus route information, telecommuting options, and bicycle and pedestrian commuting.