Rent to Own Homes near Pembroke Pines, FL

  • Located in Southern Florida, Pembroke Pines is a city in Broward County. This 34.4 square mile land area is home to 154,750 people. Deriving its name from Pembroke Rd. and the many pine trees within the area, this city had been recognized many times in the past as one of the best cities to live in the US. Currently, Pembroke Pines boasts a robust economy and tranquil community that is conveniently located near major metropolis areas like Fort Lauderdale and Miami. And what makes this city even more alluring for families with school-aged children is that it is also home of the largest Charter School system in the county.

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Top Reasons to Live in Pembroke Pines FL

  • Housing Statistics Pembroke Pines has a median home sale price of $180,000, which is both higher than Florida's $169,000, and lower than metro Miami's median sale price of $320,000. From January to July 2013 alone, there have been 2,496 home sales transactions in this city, 1,597 units of which are single family types and approximately 896 are condo units. Out of approximately 61,700 housing units in this city, 69.84% are owner-occupied, 22.33% are rented and 7.83% are vacant. Around a quarter of vacant houses are for rent and less than a quarter, or roughly 1,000 units are for sale. Although most residents here own their house rather than lease, there's a good percentage of vacancy rate for people who'd rather rent than buy their home in this city. Similarly, there's also a good inventory of houses that are available on a rent to own basis.
  • Transportation and Commutes Buses are the main mode of public transit within city limits. The service operates three routes: Green, Blue and Gold. The Green and Gold Route service covers the western area of Pines and works in conjunction with Broward County Transit routes 5, 7 and 23; as well as Miramar City's Red Route. The Blue Route service covers the eastern area of Pines and works in conjunction with Cooper City Community Bus Route, Miramar City's Red Route and Broward County Transit routes 5, 7 and 23.
  • Outdoor Activities The city has many campgrounds and public parks that any outdoor enthusiast will surely love. Many people go hiking, biking and camping in Alhambra Park, Ashley Hale Park, Flamingo and Fletcher Park, to name a few. Additionally, Pembroke Pines is just a couple of minutes away from South Florida Beaches so a weekend foray into a pristine white-sand beach is a common way for residents to unwind.
  • Arts and Culture The city has several initiatives that serve to promote and showcase Pembroke Pines' arts and culture. One is Studio18, which is located along Poinciana Drive and is an 11,000 square foot facility that showcases contemporary art. The facility hosts art classes, workshops, lectures and exhibits. Additionally, the Pembroke Pines Theater of the Performing Arts, which is located along Sheridan Street, has been entertaining the city with their live theater productions such as Disney's Beauty and the Beast, My Fair Lady and Oliver, among countless others.
  • Nightlife There's never any shortage of things to do in Pembroke Pines even at night. There are many restaurants, bars and grills, sports cafes and lounges within city limits. You only have to head to Pines Boulevard and you can find people hanging out there at different hours of the night. Some of the popular digs in this area are: Bru's Room Sports Grill, Jersey's Wings and Raw Bar, Cafe Iguana Pines, Gaby's Lounge and Miller's Ale House Restaurant. Similarly some other areas in this city come alive during the night. Of note are: Flamingo Road, where J.P Mulligan Sports Bar and Hockey Rink is located; and University Drive, where AMF Bowling Lanes and Exhale Hookah Bar & Lounge are.