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  • Often called the Heart of the Gold Coast, Pompano Beach, Florida, is a city in Broward County that has just about everything. It is located halfway between Palm Beach and Miami with Fort Lauderdale barely 10 miles to the north. With a small town vibe and big city entertainment options, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Visitors have the option of relaxing on the famous Pompano Beach, snorkeling or SCUBA diving on the living coral reef just off-shore, heading out to the sea on the many fishing boats that leave the city every day, or just spending a quiet evening strolling along the thousand foot long municipal beach pier. Little wonder that Pompano Beach has been ranked among the country's hottest real estate markets by CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

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  • Housing StatisticsIn 2003, the median sales price of a home in Pompano Beach was $139,000. In the last ten years, this price has increased to $148,000, hitting a high of $225,000 during the 2005-07 housing boom. Total number of home sales in the city has been steadily increasing in the last few years with almost a thousand sales in 2012 alone, indicating Pompano Beach's growing importance as a vacation real estate market. This being Florida, condos are the most popular property type, with over 846 such properties for sale. Single family homes are the second most popular property type with over 387 listed properties. Condos are significantly more affordable, however, with average sales price clocking in at $223,848. Average sales price for single family homes, on the other hand, is $449,668. If this price is on the higher side, you can negotiate with a rent to own home plan.
  • Largest Employers Pompano Park, a harness racing track located in the heart of Pompano Beach (and often dubbed the 'Winter Home of Harness Racing'), is the city's largest employer, giving employment to over 1,100 people. This is followed by the local government of Pompano Beach and the Broward County Sheriff's Office, which employ 712 and 700 people respectively. Department stores Walmart and Publix are two other big employers, with 687 and 685 employees respectively. Given Florida's popularity as a retirement destination, it should be no surprise that Aetna Rx Home Delivery, which home delivers medication to the elderly, is the city's sixth largest employer with 490 employees.
  • Local RestaurantsAs a popular tourist destination, Pompano Beach boasts a wide variety of restaurants, from beach side snack stands to fine dining establishments. In fact, there are nearly 300 places to eat in the city. With a menu consisting largely of donuts and milkshakes, Dandee Donuts Factory on E Atlantic Blvd is among the city's most popular dining spots. Gianni's Ristorante, also on E Atlantic Blvd, is home to some of the finest authentic Italian food within the Fort Lauderdale area. For something a little more romantic, head to Darrel & Oliver's Cafe Maxx, which serves freshly caught seafood.
  • Weather and ClimateLocated off the southern edge of Florida, Pompano Beach has a subtropical rainforest climate. Summers are hot and humid, especially around bodies of water. You can expect temperatures to hit 80-90F during summer months. Fall and spring are much more pleasant with temperatures in the 70-80F range, low humidity and cool winds blowing in from the Atlantic. Winters are mild and pleasant with temperatures rarely going below 60F. However, the occasional cold snap can bring temperatures down to almost 20F, which poses a particular danger to exotic tropical plants and wildlife.
  • Shopping in Pompano BeachThe streets of Pompano Beach are filled with boutiques, shops, and galleries. Festival Flea Market mall, an indoor market with over 800 merchants and retailers, is one of the city's most popular shopping haunts. It houses a farmer's market, a food court, a full service beauty salon, and a huge range of local and international brands. Hillsboro Antique Mall, located right next door to the Festival Flea Market, is the city's other major shopping destination. As the name suggests, this mall houses 250 antique dealers who trade in fine antiques, collectibles and even antique clothing, making it a must-stop for tourists.