Rent to Own Homes near Sanford, FL

  • It keeps going up! The value of all Sanford properties, whether they are on the market, rent to own, or for sale, increased by over 26% last year. It's expected to rise by over 11% this year. Sylvan Lake or Highland Park are good areas to start your search.

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11 Reasons to Live in Sanford, FL

  • Watery wonder! Lying north of the city are the 9,406 acres of Lake Monroe, fed by the St. Johns River, which allows swimming and boating. You can also fish for large-mouth bass, speckled perch, and bream. However, you need a Florida fishing license, unless you're a member of an exempt group, such as an Armed Forces member on leave in the area for 30 days or less.
  • Affordable residences! The median value of homes in Sanford is $122,800. This is 22% lower than the value of homes in metropolitan Orlando, which runs $155,700. Elder Springs and Cameron City offer some good deals on property.
  • Marina magic! Monroe Harbour Marina is a public harbor that offers access to Lake Monroe and the St. Johns River. It can provide wet or dry storage for your watercraft, as well as services such as cleaning or mechanical work. If you need to buy a boat, go to Boat Tree, which bills itself as "Central Florida's Larges on Water Boat Dealer."
  • Lower taxes! The property taxes in Sanford average about $1,882 per year, compared to a national average of $3,025. In Orlando, property taxes are higher at $2,983. That means that buying a property on Pinecrest or City Center is affordable.
  • Walking with history! Check out historic buildings in the downtown core by first stopping at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center. The staff there can tell you what to see and give you information about Sanford Art Walk, which allows local artists to mingle with admirers every fourth Friday of the month.
  • Lower sales prices! If you search around, you can get a good price for homes on Celery Ave. or Groveview Way. Homes list for a median $160,000 but sell for a median $118,700, which is over 25% lower. Ask a local real estate agent at La Rosa Realty if any of these offerings are rent to own homes.
  • Indoor and outdoor shopping! If you like to eat fresh locally-grown produce and buy handmade goods, then do your shopping at Sanford Farmers Market, held every Saturday in historic downtown Sanford. To escape from the heat, enter the air-conditioned Seminole Towne Center, which has over 120 retailers ranging from well-known chains, such as Sears, to bungee-jumping at Bugzy's Enterprise.
  • Single-family emphasis! If you want to avoid condo living, about 77% of the homes in Sanford consist of single-family properties. In comparison, only about 48% of the residences in Orlando are single-family. Given the high percentage of renters in Sanford, which is 44%, you may be able to score rent to own houses on Lock Arbor or S. French Ave.
  • Talking with animals! The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens showcases over 400 animals (not counting the bugs of the Insect Zoo), including camels, kinkajous, crocodiles, alligators, and macaws. This educational center thrives only because of volunteers, so don't be afraid to get involved.
  • Waiting for bargains! A little patience may reward you with even lower house prices. Almost 35% of listings receive a price cut. Almost half of all sales are below the list price. These are better odds than in Orlando, where 31% get the cut and 37% are sold under list. You can try out your negotiating skills with home sellers on Wynwood and Bel-Air.